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So, although in time-of-the year terms, it is calving season, (like I mentioned in my previous post), it seems the pregnant ladies have decided it is not yet the right time… 😦

I check on the girls twice a day, and this morning I found two of them having a go at each other, obviously getting as frustrated as I am!!! I know that there is no rushing Mother Nature, but I cannot help myself from getting irritated by the much longer than usual wait. And the heat is not helping…


Irritated girls head-butting each other this morning.

P.S  Did you notice how well they are blending in with the winter colours? I cannot wait for the rain to come and the grass to turn green again…



‘Tis the season…

We jumped from a very mild winter (more like a 3 month long autumn), straight into summer. 😦

I’m not a fan of summer. Where we live, temperatures stay up in the mid-thirties (centigrade), sometimes higher, throughout summer!!!  I hate this kind of constant, high and mostly dry heat. Give me winter anytime. And NOT like the mild one we just had. I hardly ever put a jacket on over my t-shirt this year, and if I did, it was only until 9 o’clock in the morning.

And then we didn’t even have spring! How absurd is that! We already have temps over 30º C all the time! Heeeeeeeeelpppp!!!!!!

The one thing I absolutely love about this time of year, though, is the fact that it is calving season! I’ve been waiting for 9 months now, and the excitement grows by the day. I am like a child at Christmas, waiting for the moment she can start opening her gifts.

And when that first little calf is born… Oh my word! I want to send pictures to everybody I know, like a proud mama with her first born. (So…you are warned! Expect a bombardment of pictures once the calves start arriving!)

Being a farmer, the other bad thing about winters that are not cold, is the diseases that plague the cattle. Cold weather sorts some of them out for a few months, but years like this, we get no break from them, and then summer tends to be even worse. So I am not looking forward to this summer at all, hopefully it is not a dry one on top of everything else…

A few of a previous season’s calves.



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I’ve been hearing murmurings about the footprint that cattle farming leaves on the earth, and I have just read that the clever people reckon that we will have to change the way we are farming as the current farming practices are not sustainable. Apparently feedlots have less of an impact than free ranging (?), and people must move away from eating beef and rather eat fish, pork and poultry. I was hoping they were going to say that animals should be treated more humanely – less feedlots, less poultry kept in tiny  cages to lay eggs, less pigs kept in crates to be fed to death, but no, just eat less beef… Knowing how pigs and chickens are raised for the market, I would MUCH rather eat beef, and specifically from grass fed, free range cattle.

I have one question – what do they suggest we do with the cattle all over the world? Kill them off? Slowly let them die out by castrating all the bulls?

I know I’m being facetious, but I can’t quite wrap my head around this…


Ooooooh YUM!!!! 🙂

About Racism, and being politically incorrect …

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I was raised to respect (verb).

Other people. Their belongings. Their religions, or lack thereof. Animals, or indeed all living things. Laws. My elders. Etc., etc.

As such, I believe I should be respected by others. I believe that one should live and let live. Do no harm. I am a white South African female, from European descent. In fact, just recently, I traced a part of my ancestors (my mother’s father’s ancestors) back to the 1600’s in Germany. I am so proud of that! South Africans are a mix of Dutch, French, German and English settlers that came to this country to start  a new life. Which they did, and did very well. I am also a farmer, and sad to say, white farmers in South Africa are being persecuted and murdered every day, because they are white. (From 1 January to 31 July 2017 there have been 257 farm attacks, and 53 farm murders reported, in South Africa. It’s terrifying, it’s shocking, it’s routine. In 212 days, 53 people were brutally killed, many tortured, and families torn apart forever.) (This is a quote that I took off the internet, a Facebook page that is trying to let the world know what is happening here.)

We don’t live on our farm, which is something we would dearly love to do, but it is just not safe. It is not only farmers that are targeted. White children disappear everyday, people that travel alone, from home to work, or vice versa, are disappearing and their bodies found later. The government is trying to make it off as something co-incidental, but for us living here, seeing the news everyday, we know that something else is going on here. I am proud to be a white South African, and I will continue to be despite liberals all over the world’s efforts to make us feel ashamed that we have a white skin. Despite other whites’ apologies for real and imagined wrongs from the past. Nobody can pretend that the human race is not the most murderous and destructive species on this earth, and we all have done wrong somewhere in history – the Romans, the Germans, the English with their ‘scorched earth’ policy in the Anglo-Boer war, that resulted in thousands of women and children dying in concentration camps, the Zulu’s against the Boers, and the anti-apartheid government committed their share of wrongs, but NOTHING warrants these continuous, brutal farm attacks!

In this country, it is racist to be proudly white. It’s OK to be proudly black, and to utter all kinds of threats on social media against white citizens, but you are relentlessly persecuted if you as a white person should just think of saying anything against anybody with a black skin. No matter if whatever you say is the absolute truth that can be proven in a court of law.

I don’t think this problem only exists in South Africa, from what I can see in USA, things are pretty much the same, except for the farm murders. People are not allowed to speak the truth, everybody is just so very conscious of being politically correct all the time, that none of these issues can be sorted out.

If being proud of who and what I am makes me a racist, then so be it. I was created this way, and I’m here for a reason, as is every other person on this earth, but don’t you dare tell me to deny my heritage, or be ashamed of it!

(And before you comment, I DARE YOU to Google ‘farm murders in South Africa’, read some of the literature, and a must – LOOK AT THE IMAGES!)

Jill of all trades…

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…mistress of none.

Yip, that’s me.

I’ve just read a blog on why people blog, and then I started thinking about the reasons I blog (or used to blog, since this is only my second blog in two years!), and I realised that I do it because I’ve always been a frustrated writer! I enjoy writing! I remember as first grader, I used to LOVE writing stories with little drawings, which brings me to the title of my blog – I’ve also always been a frustrated artist, and photographer, and interior decorator, AND, very important, a frustrated chef!

So once in a blue moon I write a few paragraphs, which is something I LOVE doing, and a couple of people might read it, which leads to a certain frustration, because when I go to the trouble of putting my thoughts into actual words, out there, for people to read, I want some response, some feedback!

I don’t draw or paint anymore. I always did as a child, but I stopped doing that, I never thought I was good enough. I recently started drawing mandalas, which I enjoyed, but then for a while I didn’t have time for it, so that died a silent death. I try to release my creative urges by knitting and crocheting, which I enjoy, but it takes a long time to finish each item, and I am often disappointed with the outcome. And then, when it’s done, what do I do with it? I have a LOT of finished projects that fill up cupboard space!



Photography has always been a hobby of mine, and for a few years I took thousands of pictures. I even got a wonderful camera as birthday gift a few years back (somewhere in my blogs you’ll find the story, and you will also find a whole lot of the pictures I took with it), and I loved using it, but lately I find it cumbersome to schlepp along with me, and I’ve resorted to only using my cell phone to take pictures (like I did with the images above)…

I love cooking, if I have an appreciative audience, of course… I definitely do not like going to a lot of trouble, if I don’t at least have an inkling that my food will be enjoyed. I might be a better baker than I am a cook, but I hardly ever bake because I try to eat as healthy as possible, and most of what I bake goes to waste. And I am definitely an emotional cook – if I don’t feel like cooking, you would do better to go get takeaways, than eat what I made!

Mistress of none, like I said!

I’ve come to an embarrassing conclusion, just now, as I was writing my thoughts down – could it be that I am looking for validation for the things I do, instead of just doing them for myself and enjoying them? And when I don’t get that validation, I lose interest? Oh. My. Word. I hope not! I sincerely hope that I am just one of those people that are easily bored, and hop from one thing to the other to keep myself interested in something!!!!!


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Oops I did it again…

Another 2 years have passed since my last blog. And then, out of the blue, I get an e-mail to say that ‘chiohana‘ has started following my blog! Excuse me? How on earth did that happen? I think that it might be spam, but still, maybe just the kick in the butt I needed to start blogging again…

A very quick update on my life over the last 2 years : I’m still farming, although I have to say that the physical aspect of it is starting to get me down. I still adore my cattle, and I can hardly imagine a life without them, but I can imagine not having to spend hours out in the sun , wind and dust while giving them their inoculations… I’ve been to Canada again to visit my daughter, this time in the winter, and I loved every minute! And I’ve sold my house and bought another!

That’s it, in a nutshell.

I have of course had countless times of intense frustration coping with this new life that I have chosen for myself (see previous blogs), but since today is not one of those times, I’m going to concentrate on the positives.

I don’t know how many of you know South Africa at all, but I’ve bought my new house in the Western Cape province, in a town called Robertson. I am sooooo chuffed! I’ve always wanted a very old house, and this one was built in 1887! Unfortunately I cannot move there yet…

As you can imagine, living on the opposite side of the country at the moment, in Limpopo province (farming, and my SO* is running a business from there), it is an impossibility to go and live in the new house right now, but I have hopes for the not too very distant future.

So…what is it I’ve done again?

I’ve gone and made a decision about my future, based on a dream, that might come back to bite me in the bee-hind sometime soon…

But that’s OK. I’ve got dreams, life is short, and rather then have a lot of ‘what if’s’ in my old age, I’ve got part of a dream, that might just become the whole catooty soon…


            One of my babies getting some TLC from me.

SO – Significant Other


The Demon in me

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It’s been a while since I last posted anything – again! 😦  And somehow I find it difficult to make the time to write something… Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy writing, and sharing, and reading your comments, but once I’ve checked Facebook posts, Instagram pictures and e-mails, I feel ‘done’. Maybe an overload from way too many social media forums?


After Canada, life has continued in its normal way. Farming, housekeeping, taking some time for myself (regularly – I’m quite selfish that way!) But, I keep catching myself ‘planning’ a new trip somewhere, even if it is only a dream for now, and the destination keeps changing (so many places, so little time… 😉 ). I’ve come to realize that I will never again NOT want to dream up new trips to take to new destinations.

So, now I have to live with this demon in me. And my poor SO* has to live with this demon in me…

The fortunate thing is that he also enjoys travelling, only not nearly as much as I do. I love travelling to the point where I will give up a whole lot to be able to afford the tickets – buy less clothes (not that I buy a lot to start off with!), go out less, drink less wine, heck, I’ll even eat less!. He will only travel if he can pay for the tickets without having to scrounge around for the money, if he has the money available and not need it for something more important. Which is probably the right way to go about it, but seriously, what can be more important than travelling?

I’ve often wondered what it is that drives people like me. What is this need to go to foreign places and see one old building after the other? Why would anyone want to find yourself in a place where you cannot communicate with the locals? Is it some kind of personality disorder? What kind of ‘child abuse’ can create this need? Why can I not be content to only live in our little town, in our house, in our tiny country for the rest of my life? After all, millions of people do just that, and live happily ever after.

I don’t have the answers. Maybe I never will. I do know that I have to see what Stonehenge looks like in real life, or how awesome the Grand Canyon really is, or how amazing the Big Wall is. One other thing I DO know, is that as long as I breathe, I will be planning my next trip, my next adventure. I will crave the thrill of packing my bags, my passport and my ‘plane tickets, and taking off to another new destination.

And one day, if I can’t afford to travel anymore, or I’m too old and weak, I’ll have the memories and if I’m lucky, there will still be a ‘travel channel’ and I’ll do my travelling from my rocking chair!


*Significant Other