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“But what minutes!  Count them by sensation, and not by calendars, and each moment is a day”.  ~Benjamin Disraeli

A lot has been written about time over the centuries. It obviously fascinates man, probably because it is  quite a difficult concept to explain. Sometimes it flies, other times it drags its feet. It can be your friend, but boy-oh-boy, it can be your enemy too!

How did I get to ‘Time’ as a blog theme?

Yesterday, as I was fiddling around in the garden, I was standing underneath a tree, and I thought that if I came back late in the afternoon, there might be some nice pictures to be taken. It is a huge tree, with interesting leaves, huge seed pods, and sometimes pretty flowers. It is not flowering season for the tree right now, but as I walked past a low hanging branch, I saw a flower  – one flower! Out of time…

‘Picture!’ flashed through my mind, but I wanted to wait until the light was a little softer, so, late afternoon, I took my camera and went outside to play around a bit. I started taking some photographs of the leaves and as I moved to where I saw the flower – it was gone! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Where did it go? 

I was disappointed, so I stood there feeling upset with myself for not taking the picture when I first saw the flower, trying to convince myself there were other pictures waiting to be taken.

And lo and behold! I saw the flower lying in the grass! 🙂 Its time had come. Its day was done. Caput.

But, even if it was not on the tree anymore, it looked so pretty lying in the green grass, smiling up at me, that I could not resist taking its picture.It could still bring joy.

It made me realize that all the cliches about time are so true. Time waits for no one. Time flies. And not to be morbid, but nobody and nothing knows when your time is up, so don’t delay – JUST DO IT!  (Apologies to Nike)



Until next time – enjoy every second of every minute of every hour!! 🙂


Different Perspective

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****Firstly, thank you Judy for nominating me for the Candle Lighter Award. It was completely unexpected, and wholly appreciated. **** 🙂

On Friday I was feeling a bit frustrated. My house was full to overflowing and I felt like I couldn’t breathe properly. So after migrating from lounge, to bedroom, to kitchen, I went outside, took one of the cushions off a patio chair, and lay down on the grass. On my back.

At first, as I lay there, I saw nothing, heard nothing. I just breathed as deeply as I possibly could. But slowly I started noticing things. The first thing I saw was, of course, the flimsy clouds high above. 🙂 I noticed how white they were against the bright blue sky. They were subtly changing shape as I lay there watching. Wisps of cloud would detach itself from the mama cloud, drift a bit and re-attach itself again (as if they just cannot let go of Mom’s apron strings), changing and shifting all the time. Softly, and gently.

Then I suddenly saw swallows in the air with the clouds. Tiny black specks against the white and blue of the sky. They were darting all over the place. Diving downwards, rolling, tumbling, shooting back upwards, frolicking like they had no care in the world. (Which of course they don’t, being swallows, but it sounded good… 🙂  )

There was nothing similar between the clouds and the birds, in fact the differences and contrast couldn’t have been bigger, but overall they had exactly the same effect on me. It relaxed me, calmed me down and made me smile!

I lay there for quite a while, turning my head in all directions to try and take in everything around me. I rolled my head right back and looked at the trees and clouds behind me – upside down, of course! And wow! How gorgeous seeing the world from that perspective! The world on its head – imagine that!

I know – you are shaking your head, muttering under your breath about this crazy person doing things kids don’t even do anymore… That’s OK, because that is exactly my point!

When last did you do something as simple, and as ‘eccentric’ as that? Can you remember how it made you feel? I cannot remember the last time I did that, and I cannot explain to you the difference it’s made to my mood – it lifted me waaaaaaaay up! 😀

Go on, try it sometime. I dare you.

The world on its head!

Cloud 9

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Two of my blog friends expressed the same fascination and love for clouds that I have. And yesterday, as I was looking through my photo’s for something to post on my beetle- blog, I realized how many pictures I’ve got with clouds featuring prominently,  and I decided to do a cloud-blog today.

Sunset clouds, sunrise clouds, storm clouds, cold front clouds, they are all there! 🙂 These photographs have been taken over a few years (the ones shown here are from 2008 to now), not from the viewpoint of a photographer (which I’m not!), but just as a very enthusiastic cloud lover,  and even more enthusiastic picture -taker,  so please don’t expect masterpieces!

I’m starting off with this very weird picture of  something I’ve never seen before – the actual edge of a cold front moving in over the area. To me this was worth a few pics, although they are far from special as far as photographs go! (I don’t even know if one could call this a cloud?) 🙂

Cold Front

This next picture was taken one evening on the way home. I had just picked my son up from rugby practice and when I saw these clouds I literally stopped next to the road to quickly take some pictures.

Silver lining

The next few were taken at home. I would be busy doing whatever, and I would look outside and see a storm brewing, or the sun catching clouds in a certain way at sunset, and I would grab my camera and run outside and madly snap away!

Quirky clouds

Storm and sunset

Another sunset

I’ve got another pic taken from this same spot, but it is SO different, SO dramatic and intense, that I decided to do that one on its own in a future blog.

I’ve been sifting through all my pictures for the best part of this afternoon, so I’ve decided to finish off with this next picture, which, OF COURSE, was taken on the farm just over a week ago. It was at dusk, on the day that we off-loaded our  cows, and I loved the soft, peaceful feel this picture has, even though it is probably the least ‘picturesque’ of them all! 🙂

Farm cloud

Whatever you see here, has not been edited in any way (except for their size), as I don’t have Photoshop or anything like that.

I am melting in intense heat, and I’m fervently wishing for some clouds gathering right now, bringing the mother of all storms, so we can just cool off a little bit!

Until next time, if I haven’t melted completely into a puddle, keep well!!! 😀

Not a biology lesson!

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Let’s solve the mystery for those of you who didn’t know what my creature is – it is a dung beetle. A very interesting creature, I might add. I’m not going to give you a biology lesson (way too boring!), I’m just going to mention a few of the most pertinent facts.

There are around 5000 different species of this beetle, and they are found on all continents except Antarctica. They prefer not to live in extreme cold or very dry conditions (makes sense to me! 😉 ).

Those that eat only dung (some of them eat mushrooms and other plant material ) don’t need anything else, not even water – the dung provides them with all the nutrients they need. They can roll up to 50x their weight – aside from eating it, they also need the dung ball for brooding chambers.

They play a remarkable roll in agriculture by consuming and burying the dung balls, they improve nutrient recycling and soil structure.

Several species of scarab ( ahaaaaaa! I know the first thing that sprang toyour mind is the movie ‘ The Mummy’!) enjoyed sacred status among Ancient Egyptians.

If you are interested to know more, go check out the Wikipedia site – very interesting.

Do you think there’s a lesson for humans in there…somewhere? Something like good things can come out of bad? Or if you look hard enough, there must be something positive in a whole heap of apparently bad stuff? I don’t know, I’m just thinking out loud… 😉


I want to leave you with an image that can get the one of the sci-fi creature out of your mind, so here’s something totally different, and not at all related to my blog. This was the first time I used the ‘scene’ setting on my camera, after my darling daughter showed and explained it to me (about 3 years ago, while we were away for the weekend.)



Until the next time we chat, keep well! 🙂

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Look closely…

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Yes, yes, sorry about the confusion – it IS my blog!!   🙂   I decided to try a new theme and will probably try a few more until I settle down. A bit like getting married… 😉


We all know that we can miss a lot of what is going on on the ground if we walk with our heads in the clouds, or our noses in the air. This fact was emphasized again two or three days ago, while I was swinging by the farm quickly to see how our cows were doing, and I thought I’ll just give you all a quick reminder that not everything worth seeing is at eye level, or higher!

Is that a tiny splash of white I’m seeing?

Not only boring piece of veld...


Or not? Let’s take a closer look…

A pretty little wild flower.


Oh, how sweet! I loved discovering this tiny little wild flower growing all on its own.

Until our next visit, watch your step! 🙂


Falling in love with the farm.

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I first ‘met’ the farm two years ago. It was love at first sight! 🙂

As I told you before, I’m a city girl  born and raised, and I never had any wish to live on a farm. But when I saw this small piece of land in the Waterberg area in the province of Limpopo, there was just something about it that tugged at my heart strings. And although we don’t live there, we are busy building a tiny cottage there so we can sometimes stay there for the weekend. We go there often to watch the sunset, or just to relax a little bit and hear the silence.

To me it is beautiful and I feel totally at peace when I’m there. I think that is the main reason I love it so much – the peace…


This is one of the very first photographs I ever took on the farm – I actually think it was taken the first time I was there.

Dead tree in the veld

Maybe as I show you more and more of our farm, you might get an idea of why I feel like I do. If you don’t get it, that’s also OK, because then you’ll at least have seen a small part of this side of the world! 🙂

Until next time, keep well!!!! 🙂