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“But what minutes!  Count them by sensation, and not by calendars, and each moment is a day”.  ~Benjamin Disraeli

A lot has been written about time over the centuries. It obviously fascinates man, probably because it is  quite a difficult concept to explain. Sometimes it flies, other times it drags its feet. It can be your friend, but boy-oh-boy, it can be your enemy too!

How did I get to ‘Time’ as a blog theme?

Yesterday, as I was fiddling around in the garden, I was standing underneath a tree, and I thought that if I came back late in the afternoon, there might be some nice pictures to be taken. It is a huge tree, with interesting leaves, huge seed pods, and sometimes pretty flowers. It is not flowering season for the tree right now, but as I walked past a low hanging branch, I saw a flower  – one flower! Out of time…

‘Picture!’ flashed through my mind, but I wanted to wait until the light was a little softer, so, late afternoon, I took my camera and went outside to play around a bit. I started taking some photographs of the leaves and as I moved to where I saw the flower – it was gone! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Where did it go? 

I was disappointed, so I stood there feeling upset with myself for not taking the picture when I first saw the flower, trying to convince myself there were other pictures waiting to be taken.

And lo and behold! I saw the flower lying in the grass! 🙂 Its time had come. Its day was done. Caput.

But, even if it was not on the tree anymore, it looked so pretty lying in the green grass, smiling up at me, that I could not resist taking its picture.It could still bring joy.

It made me realize that all the cliches about time are so true. Time waits for no one. Time flies. And not to be morbid, but nobody and nothing knows when your time is up, so don’t delay – JUST DO IT!  (Apologies to Nike)



Until next time – enjoy every second of every minute of every hour!! 🙂


About zelmare

In a nutshell: I'm a woman of 'a certain age', I recently moved after living in the same area for 27 years, i raised 3 absolutely fabulous kids (I'm sure you will hear a lot about them, since I am a very proud mama), got divorced, and in due course, met and fell in love with the most amazing man, and i moved to a small town called Nylstroom. A lot of my blogs will most probably be about my new life, my family and friends, and my interests, which are taking pictures, travelling, food, re-decorating, music and books. I am looking forward to meeting a lot of lovely new friends and interesting people! :)

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  1. It does fly by when we aren’t looking.

  2. Lovely flower, Zelmare, and a thought provoking post! Having been retired for about a year, with part-time spells in between, I have very much let go of the constraints of time in the sense of days and weeks. I do what I want to do, when I want to do it, which is wonderful! Yes, there are appointments and meetings with friends, and other things to do at specific times and on specific days, but overall, freedom from the ties of time is fantastic!

    You are dead right though! When I think back to the 1960s it seems like only yesterday, but if I run gradually through time from then till today, and all that we have done in that time, those years suddenly stretch out into a very long line! Our concept of time seems, therefore, to have two aspects to it. It is very fixed in terms of clocks, calendars and diaries; hours, days, weeks; appointments, deadlines etc., but very arbitrary when we think more abstractly of periods of time, such as thinking back to a specific time in our pasts or the ‘long time’ it seems to take when waiting for a kettle to boil! Do you agree, or would you like to come back with another view?

    Oh, by the way! Years ago, Penny and I decided that we weren’t even going to consider when our times might be up, and that we were going to live forever! ;D We still live with that viewpoint because we believe it keeps us young and thoroughly enjoying life! Apart from financial matters for our sons, this viewpoint avoids us even considering the end of our time! 🙂

    Great post, Zelmare! Thanks!


    • Hi John!

      It is wonderful if one’s time is yours to do with what pleases you when it pleases you. I am to a certain extent in the same lucky position, which I enjoy at the moment and I’m reluctant to change that by taking on a full time job again.

      I do agree with you, although to me time has even more facets. I find my experience of time very difficult to put into words. Looking back on my life now, some of it seems as if I was living life in limbo – a sort of a timeless vacuum. Maybe it is because now I am looking at it from a different perspective – sort of as an unattached bystander?
      Maybe that is why I feel so strongly now about REALLY living life with all my senses on full alert. Experiencing every moment to the fullest possible extent.

      You and Penny sound like you’ve got things sorted! 🙂 And like you’re having lots of fun living your lives to the full. Way to go, John!

      Thank you, and enjoy your day!

  3. So much beauty, so little time…(to capture it all).

    Such a pretty photo and a great thoughtful post. 😀

  4. What a lovely post, so true. Though I heard something the other day about how time doesn’t move, we are in the same place all the time, or some such thing. Don’t know about that, but there is never enough time. I procrastinate all the time. I miss opportunities to take photos and am always waiting for the right time. I am trying to stop that now, and JUST DO IT, go out and take my photos.
    The flower looks lovely, so glad you were able to find it again.

    • Thank you, Leanne. Like I said, I keep missing opportunities as well, even though I don’t go anywhere without my camera! But if we keep trying, we’ll get it right. Thanks, it’s a simple little flower, but I wanted to have a picture of it, and I’m also glad I found it. 🙂

  5. A lovely little flower helps teach us about time. I like that! “time waits for no one….don’t delay” So true….but I need reminders! Thanks for a great post and photo, Zelmare!

  6. Time is very fleeting. I used to work in consulting and we billed out for hundreds of dollars per hour. It made me very time conscious and also forced me to put a dollar value on my time. It also helped me to think in terms of what value I derive from allocating time to different things.

    • I can imagine that billing by the hour would make one time-conscious. For me at this point in my life, the important thing is to experience every moment to the full, and I’m really worried that I’m wasting time doing nothing, when I could have experienced something! 🙂 Hope it makes some sense.

      • It makes complete sense. To me, attaching a dollar value to my time like say $600 for a two hour lunch with a someone, makes me consider how much I will get out of the lunch. If it’s a close friend who I love spending time with–it feels completely worth it. If it’s a social nicety with someone I don’t like, not worth it. 🙂

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