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Scary Tree Person

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A while ago Cindy did a post on Ents, after she and Mike saw a tree that looked like one of Tolkien’s creatures. It reminded me of pictures I took some time ago on the farm. When I saw this ‘tree person’, Lord of the Rings immediately came to mind. I don’t know if it is only me, but I see a fierce tree man scaring intruders away from his forest.

Don’t you DARE come any closer!!! 🙂

I’m very excited and I’ve got so much to tell you guys, but for tonight this is all you’re getting! 🙂


Funky Friday!!!!

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When we were in Cape Town at the end of May, this happy chap greeted us at the Waterfront. I immediately sent a picture to my sons, knowing that they would love him, which they did. (Take a guess what he is built with!!)

And I thought that he is a very suitable candidate to wish you all a fantastic, happy, FUN weekend!!!!!!

Peace brothers and sisters!!!!!!!

This picture was taken with my cell phone, so please forgive if it lacks a bit in quality.

(And yes, that is my SO* in the foreground… 🙂 )

*Significant Other


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It is around lunchtime here, and I feel like I already have a full day behind me!!! 🙂

I got to the farm relatively early today. We had to start the generator to fill up the water tank, before the guys could continue fixing the one fence they started on yesterday, so they could go on to do the new fence of which they did the fence posts yesterday… So…while they were unloading the generator, I took time to breathe deeply and appreciate the beauty of the morning.

It has been partially overcast since we got up this morning, so the light was not as bright. But, my goodness, was it a pretty sunrise anyway!!!! 🙂 Because of the clouds, the sun had to find holes to break through to try and reach the earth. I took several pictures of these soft fingers of light poking through the clouds, and they were all nice enough because of the colours, but then at last I managed to take one picture where one could clearly see the rays!

Sun fingers touching the earth.

Doesn’t this look like God blessing the earth? 🙂

Then we had to burn a huge heap of weeds that we had to remove from one of the camps. This weed is called ‘bankrotbossie’ – a direct translation would be ‘bankrupt bush’. This weed starts growing very slyly on your land, and before you can blink, it has taken over completely and there is no more grass left for the cattle to eat.

A weed bonfire! 🙂

We had a bonfire before eight in the morning!!

The vet came at 10 to do the tests for Bovine Viral Diarrhee, which was huge fun again, because it was the Brahmans that needed to be tested, and the fierce mama wasn’t about to start making things easy for us. And a couple of the others started being obstinate as well. The test couldn’t have been comfortable for them, as it involved having a small triangle cut out of their one ear!!! I couldn’t take pictures of this, as I was very much involved in all the catching and prodding and clipping, etc. (Do I hear a few sighs of relief? 🙂 )

And then, (oh what hardship!!) I had coffee with my ‘sister-in-law’ at a new place that opened in town. Pheeeewww! Now I’m tired 😉 and half of the day left still…

A couple more of the sunrise/ray pictures of this morning.

Soft sunrise.

Rays and cattle.


I know some of you must be bored with all the cattle stuff, so if you are one of them, please just skip this next bit. I thought I’d just give a brief update on our two babies. I’ll not say much, except that they seem to be doing very well, and I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. 🙂

Calf 1, the little bull, is now 3 weeks old. Here he is nibbling delicately on a stalk of grass, with an older cousin next to him. 🙂

Calf 2, our pretty little girl – she is 1 week old now!

Until we chat again, be blessed!! 🙂

Not enough time.

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I don’t have enough time.

I don’t have enough time in my days anymore. It is not a bad thing, because that means I’m busy. I’m running around, and I don’t have time to feel bored, or to think about things too much. You know how one can think up nonsense when you have too much time? Well, I can’t do that anymore. 🙂

There is one truth I can’t get away from though, whether I think about it or not…

I don’t have enough time left to spend with my daughter anymore. This is not a good thing. No matter what I do in the next few months, I won’t be able to spend enough time with her to see me through the months and years to come. I find this a bit…well, ‘sad’ is the word that comes to mind, if I’m honest.

You know how people often say that you have to ‘make up for lost time’? Well, guess what? That is not possible. Time lost is just that – time lost. So forgive me for not feeling like kicking up my heels right now. Maybe I’ll feel different tomorrow, but right now, I need time to accept the fact that I don’t have enough time.

Does that make any sense at all?

Sunset over the dam on the farm.

It’s a girl!

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I’m happy. 🙂

I’m so happy, happy. 🙂

This may not be something that will get your juices flowing, but I witnessed the birth of a calf today!!!! I’ve come to the ripe old age of *mumble*, and I’ve never seen a birth – not of a dog, a cat, a cow, not even really of a human baby. My kids were all 3 born by C-section, and that is the closest I’ve come to seeing a birth.

And not only did I see the calf being born, I saw it stagger to it’s feet, and wobble straight to Mommy Moo’s udder! Within a few minutes of it being able to get up, it was suckling. 🙂 🙂

I’m not going to say too much about the whole event, but I’m happy, Mom’s satisfied, and Baby is strong and beautiful.


Ooh OW, this hurts…

Some moral support arrives.

This is so tiring – let’s take a rest…

“Look Mom, I think I can sta… Oops, no!” 🙂

“Aren’t I a pretty girl?”

Proud mom and beautiful baby. 🙂

A Double Thanks

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Thank you to Bird,, for nominating me for the Inspiring Blogger Award. I really appreciate this, especially coming from someone who is the essence of inspiration – going through very tough times, you still manage to joke and you tell it like it is, not hiding anything. Stay strong, Bird!

Thank you to my dear friend, Mr Bunny Chow, for my very special and very gorgeous sketch of a little Brahman calf – I love it! 🙂

There are still flowers left from the past weekend when we had the big 50th on the farm, and I thought that since they are bright and beautiful (well, they were, but they’re still fine…), I’ll share them with you. The first pic is a very amateur effort of a still life, but aside from the fact that I am an amateur (;) ) let’s blame it on the time constraint – I have to get back to the farm to see what is going on there! And the second is a close-up of the heart of the Gerbera you can see in the first picture. (Yes, you’ve guessed it, yellow is my SO’s favourite colour!!!!) 🙂

Still life


Although it is Friday, over here it feels a lot like Monday since we had a holiday yesterday, and I wish you all a wonderful weekend!!! Enjoy whatever comes your way!!! 🙂 🙂

Third time lucky

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I’ve been running around this past week for various reasons.

A new calf (with a story, of course!), and a 50th birthday that I had to arrange. But today is all about the story of the new calf…

Last week this time, we had 3 cows very close to having their calves. I kept a very close watch on them, especially one that I just had a feeling would be the first one to calf. On Tuesday, there were some signs that the birth of the calf was imminent, and I kept driving past the Brahmans, to make sure she was okay. I saw her at around 2pm, and then when I got back from some errands, I saw her again, but something was different. She was still grazing with the other cows, but without going into too much gory detail, I had a very uneasy feeling. I said to my farm workers that we need to get her into the kraal, so that we can keep an even closer eye on her, in case the same thing happens again…

Well, that was some fun… We had a very hard time getting her into the kraal (we had to put them all into the kraal, and then try and separate her from the rest), and she kept fighting ferociously to get out, which she managed to do. Eventually I decided to leave her out, and let nature take it’s course.

I hardly slept that night, worrying about her and the calf. Very early the next morning, I rushed out to the farm, and told my cattle hand to come to the Brahmans with me. Again, she was grazing peacefully with the other cows. I watched her for a while, and said to Lucas – this cow has had her calf, I’m sure of it. (This might sound stupid and obvious, but believe me, shortly after the birth of a calf, it’s not obvious looking at a cow.) I decided that we have to search the breadth and length of the camp they were in, so we set off.

I was about halfway up, when Lucas came from the other side, shouting that he’s found the calf. My heart dropped into my shoes…not again, please!

Anyway, to make a very long story short, she had her calf the previous day, like my instinct screamed out at me, but it seems that she was not interested, or too stupid to know what to do. We forced her and the calf into the small camp, and left them with food and water, hoping they would bond.

Now I know this sounds easy, but this cow seemed like she had mad cow disease. She was ferocious! She kept storming us, kicking up dust and snorting at us. The one guy even had to climb up a tree to escape from her anger!! 🙂 She stormed at the fence a couple of times, and nearly broke through.

Anyway, within the next 24 hours, they have ‘found’ each other, and now, 5 days later, they are walking around with all the other cows, and mom and baby are both doing wonderfully well!!!! I am SO very happy that we’ve at last got a new calf that I can tell everybody about. 🙂

New baby, about three days ago.

Some attention from an older cousin.

The very mad mom – taken from a distance! 🙂

Two of the older cousins, just to show you that we can actually raise calves successfully! 🙂