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I’ve had a weird few days…

Weird because I was not too busy, but somehow always in running mode. It feels as if I’ve been rushing from place to place for  a couple of days now, but in between rushing, I did have a few (rushed) chances to fit in some quickies… 😉

We had some rain, and everything is growing by the minute and turning green, so the photo opportunities are just popping up everywhere. I would be rushing from one camp on the farm to another, see something interesting, stop, jump out with little Sam* in my hand, leave the car engine running, and pop off a few quick photographs. (What did you think I was talking about?)  Jump back into the car, and rush onward and forward.

I unfortunately did not have time recently to take pics with my new camera. I’m hoping that this will change soon, as I really would love to get to know the big Canon. 🙂

This first picture is of mud drying. Yes, I’m serious! I find that even on our small piece of land, the different soil types create different patterns when drying. Remember my earlier post with similar picture of dried mud? Similar kind of pic, totally different pattern.

Close up of mud hole.


This gorgeous little flower  caught my eye as I was locking the gate to the farm. It is really tiny, but I just loved the colour and the absolute perfection of it.

Tiny, tiny blue wild flower.


Cloudy start to the day.

*Little Samsung S750




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In a nutshell: I'm a woman of 'a certain age', I recently moved after living in the same area for 27 years, i raised 3 absolutely fabulous kids (I'm sure you will hear a lot about them, since I am a very proud mama), got divorced, and in due course, met and fell in love with the most amazing man, and i moved to a small town called Nylstroom. A lot of my blogs will most probably be about my new life, my family and friends, and my interests, which are taking pictures, travelling, food, re-decorating, music and books. I am looking forward to meeting a lot of lovely new friends and interesting people! :)

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  1. Ok, I must admit that I was a little worried there for a minute what you were going to describe to us LOL!! But your photos are wonderful, especially the first one of the mud hole. That’s incredible! At first glance it looked kind of like intestines LOL!! I know, I have a strange mind :).

    • 😀
      Thanks, Cindy. When I looked at the photos, the mud ones looked like worms to me! Until I looked closely, and could see that they are concave, and not convex like they appear at first glance! 🙂

  2. The mud drying up is so interesting and all the patterns, did you put the flower on it, makes it even better. NIce that you have had time to take some photos. 🙂

  3. ah, quickies…love the teaser. Great photos. I have to admit the mud is my fave–so unusual. I don’t see that in London.

  4. I look forward to the Canon photos – thought the one you have taken with this camera are really good 🙂

  5. I love your pictures. The mud drying is really intriguing. The flower is so delicate too. 🙂


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