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Oh my, oh my… I am excited. Nope, that is an understatement. I am so excited I can hardly contain myself!!!! Why? – I hear you ask.

Weeeeeelllll… I AM GOING TO VISIT MY DAUGHTER IN CANADA, God willing!!!!!!! In less than a month! Yaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!

Okay, enough exclamation marks for the moment.

My SO* is an undercover angel, I’m sure of it, because last year in August, my birthday gift from him was a trip to go and spend some time with my daughter, who has been living in Canada for the last 2 and a half years. Although my reaction was to get on the plane immediately, I had to contain myself, as a whole heap of calves were due to be born from August onward, and also summer is a notoriously difficult time when farming with cattle, so I had to wait until now. Which is pretty perfect timing if you think about it, since it will be mid-winter here, mid-summer there!

So, visa is sorted, ticket is bought, and I am due to leave for Canada on the 27th May. Big smile.

Now I have to wait…

I wonder if you remember that I told you before – I am very impatient? If you missed that blog – I am a VERY impatient person, and I hate waiting, but in this case, it is probably not a bad thing. I am busy knitting my youngest son a sweater for winter, and obviously I have to finish that before I go, since he will need it while I’m away. I also need to do a last few important things on the farm before we can ‘relax’ for winter. I am also hoping to spend some time with both my sons, and very important, I need to spend some quality time with my SO, as I know that I am going to miss him terribly…

Here is a picture of my children when my daughter was here on a whirlwind trip recently.


SO* Significant Other