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Monthly Archives: September 2015

The Demon in me

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It’s been a while since I last posted anything – again! 😦  And somehow I find it difficult to make the time to write something… Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy writing, and sharing, and reading your comments, but once I’ve checked Facebook posts, Instagram pictures and e-mails, I feel ‘done’. Maybe an overload from way too many social media forums?


After Canada, life has continued in its normal way. Farming, housekeeping, taking some time for myself (regularly – I’m quite selfish that way!) But, I keep catching myself ‘planning’ a new trip somewhere, even if it is only a dream for now, and the destination keeps changing (so many places, so little time… 😉 ). I’ve come to realize that I will never again NOT want to dream up new trips to take to new destinations.

So, now I have to live with this demon in me. And my poor SO* has to live with this demon in me…

The fortunate thing is that he also enjoys travelling, only not nearly as much as I do. I love travelling to the point where I will give up a whole lot to be able to afford the tickets – buy less clothes (not that I buy a lot to start off with!), go out less, drink less wine, heck, I’ll even eat less!. He will only travel if he can pay for the tickets without having to scrounge around for the money, if he has the money available and not need it for something more important. Which is probably the right way to go about it, but seriously, what can be more important than travelling?

I’ve often wondered what it is that drives people like me. What is this need to go to foreign places and see one old building after the other? Why would anyone want to find yourself in a place where you cannot communicate with the locals? Is it some kind of personality disorder? What kind of ‘child abuse’ can create this need? Why can I not be content to only live in our little town, in our house, in our tiny country for the rest of my life? After all, millions of people do just that, and live happily ever after.

I don’t have the answers. Maybe I never will. I do know that I have to see what Stonehenge looks like in real life, or how awesome the Grand Canyon really is, or how amazing the Big Wall is. One other thing I DO know, is that as long as I breathe, I will be planning my next trip, my next adventure. I will crave the thrill of packing my bags, my passport and my ‘plane tickets, and taking off to another new destination.

And one day, if I can’t afford to travel anymore, or I’m too old and weak, I’ll have the memories and if I’m lucky, there will still be a ‘travel channel’ and I’ll do my travelling from my rocking chair!


*Significant Other