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Introspection – Things I learnt about myself during lockdown…

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A part of ‘The Twelve Apostles’ (mountain range behind table Mountain) sticking through the clouds on our drive round Chapman’s Peak two weekends ago.

I’ve learnt a few things about myself during this lockdown period. (One would think I know myself by now, given my age… )

* I need to get a life.

My life hardly changed during this time, isn’t that sad? I always knew I was an introvert that doesn’t like people too much, but I never realized that I’m basically a hermit. I miss my children something fierce, but two of them live too far away to see regularly anyway. I have a few friends that I do feel it is time to see again, except I can’t, what with South Africa’s ridiculous rules around lockdown. I go grocery shopping when I need to, and other than that I am quite content to be home and do my own thing. Maybe I need to get another hobby, one I actually have to leave the house to do… (Oh, I do miss eating out now and then!)

*I am a lot more aggressive than I ever thought

Oops… I even consider closing my FB account, because I can get SO riled up by some of the things I read there! I really try and stay away from the news, because MAN, do I get angry!!! Especially with things happening in our country, that makes absolutely NO sense whatever! I do believe that one has to have an idea of what’s going on in the world, but maybe I should just float along in my own little bubble – best for me, and better for the world around me! (Could I maybe put this down to the frustration and uncertainty of Covid-19 and lockdown?)

*I am a lot lazier than I always thought…

Another oops… Not something I am proud of, I can promise you! I love a clean house, but I do not like doing all the cleaning, all the time. We are spoiled in SA, we have people that come in and clean our houses, should we want that (most people do), and I used to have someone come in once a week to clean, and iron. With lockdown, of course, some of that has changed, so we have to do everything ourselves. And sad to say, I really have to give myself a serious talking to, before I get off my backside to do some cleaning. (I would much rather sit and knit, crochet, or lately, blog.)

*I can get by with a lot less than I thought.

At last a positive!! I know now that we can live on a lot less money than I previously thought. That is mainly because I realized that we need a lot less food than we always have in the house. During this time, we tried to go out as little as possible, so we would try and stretch whatever we had in the house to last another day or two, make plans for meals with what we had around. Which brings me to the last point:

*I am a lot more resourceful than I ever gave myself credit for!

Yay, another positive! Because of the previous point, I managed to make a lot of tasty meals with very little.

I refuse to say that I am glad Covid-19 happened to come along in my lifetime, but it did make me sit back and take stock, it made me think about a few touchy subjects, and it taught me a few things, which is all in all probably not a bad thing.


Until next time, blogfriends! πŸ™‚

Life is a journey.

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Sun fingers touching the earth.



This is a permanent hashtag on my instagram profile. It says it all to me. You are on your own personal journey, and you have to keep moving to reach your destination. The destination can be different things to different people, of course.

Life’s journey is not all fun and games, of course, like a planned vacation to your favourite destination. It can be a bit of a nightmare, it often takes a few wild turns, and there are more than one detour along the way.

Still, you can’t decide to get off the bus whenever you want to. You have to keep going, and hope that there is something exciting around the bend, or over the hill. You can sometimes decide whether to turn left or right, or carry on straight. U-turns are strictly forbidden.

What makes one carry on? What makes one pick up the pieces and keep going?


Hope that tomorrow will be a bit brighter and lighter. Hope that you will feel stronger, happier, more content. Hope that you will find that much needed job, or that your tests for cancer/MS/Alzheimer’s will be negative. Hope that lightning might strike your violently abusive husband. Hope that next month’s pregnancy test will be positive.

Life’s journey is fueled by hope. No matter how hard life hits us, we always have hope that things will be better, and we will hurt less.

*If you seriously feel that you have hit rock bottom on your life’s journey, though, please seek help, there are people that can help you.


Musings about feelings…

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My back garden.

It is mid -winter here in South Africa.

In general, winter has not been too cold, except for a week here andΒ  a few days there, which has been icy cold. At the moment it is cold inside, but divine weather outside, so here I am, sitting with my back warming in the sun, listening to birdsong, enjoying the outdoors while writing my post. (My view from where I’m sitting. ^^)

I have to admit I am disappointed in the fact that things seem to be very slow here in blog country, I expected it to be as lively as it was 2 years ago, but there you go – the only constant in life is change!!!

So, I’m going to give it a while and see how things go. I do enjoy interaction with other people. I am definitely not only writing here for my own enjoyment, I am telling you some things that I think about and feel, and it would be wonderful to get some feedback on how you see things. You are, of course, welcome to have different opinions, please never agree with me because you feel it’s the right thing to do, or ignore my post because you do not agree with me. Tell me. I like some healthy debate!

I do feel there are way too much ‘political correctness’ these days – everybody gets hurt and feels insulted by everything other people say, and most of the times, it is only because other people see things differently, which they are allowed to, as far as I’m concerned. And everybody is so very very careful of what they say and how they say it… My goodness, it is starting to be a bit ridiculous out there. So feel comfortable with disagreeing with me!

While I’m waiting for some response, I am going to do some knitting, and then pour myself a glass of wine and just sit back and relax…

Until next time, blog friends! πŸ™‚



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Just a quick question- I haven’t blogged for about 2 years. It seems the blogosphere has changed drastically? Fewer people blogging. Fewer likes on accounts and a lot less followers? What has happened? I can understand that I might have less of all of the above, but all the blogs I read and look at, has 1 or 2 likes, and very few followers.

I hope some of you will be willing to respond to me.

Never the ‘new normal’.

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Soft sunrise.


We live in strange times, I’m sure you’ll agree. Or like the Chinese curse says – we live in interesting times.

I can’t say that I’m enjoying any of it, if I’m honest. I do the ‘now’ things like baking bread, trying new recipes, self care, etc., but I’m still not enjoying it.

Also, to be honest, not because my life has changed drastically, because it hasn’t. I’m an introvert who loves being home, doing my own thing, and I have very few friends. So basically, all that has changed, is the fact that I have to sanitize my hands to pieces when I go shopping, and I have to wear a mask, which I hate, but I do it willingly if it helps to keep me safer, as well as the people I come in contact with.

I hate this time mostly because it is so uncertain. We don’t know how long this is going to last, and when we’ll be able to meet freely with friends and family again, anywhere we wish to. And, I refuse to talk about the ‘new normal’. This situation will never be normal. It might be the current, temporary state of being, but never the ‘new normal’, because that implies that it is here to stay, and we have to get used to it.

In our country (South Africa), we have crazy rules and regulations. If I tell you, you might not believe me, but I promise you, it is true. Besides the normal things like you are not allowed to gather in large groups, no movies, no music shows, no church, only a few grades allowed to go back to school, we have curfew. Yes, curfew!!! We are not allowed in the streets between 9 pm and 4 am. Also, we cannot buy cigarettes, or alcohol – it is against the law now. If you are caught doing any of this, you get arrested, and you get a criminal record. I KID YOU NOT!!! I won’t go into the government’s idiotic reasons for this, you can google that if you really want to know. It is enough that this is the true state of affairs right now.

So we are living in this socialist, militarist situation for now (hopefully only for now) where we are treated like wayward children, which is another reason why this will never, ever be the ‘new normal’ for me. I refuse to accept that a few people can decide for me how I have to live my life, and hopefully there are enough people in this country who feel the same way, and we can stand together soon to rise up – peacefully- against this tyranny.

Enjoy your weekend, fellow bloggers. πŸ™‚