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Me time.

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Not what I’m busy with at the moment, but you get the idea…

It is early (ish) Saturday morning. The wind is blowing fiercely outside, with intermittent gushes of rain thrown in for good measure. My kind of weather, because that gives me a reason to not go anywhere, and just huddle and be cozy.

For instance, I woke up earlier than normal because of the wind. I lay, comfy in my bed, listening to the efforts of the wind to dislodge the roof of my house, got up to feed the cat and the dog, made myself some coffee, and hopped back into bed with my laptop. And here I am, sitting in bed, chatting to you. Cozy. Comfy.

I am alone, obviously. My SO* had to leave to attend to some business on the other side of the country, which is fine by me, for now. It gives me the chance to do things one hundred percent my way, like writing a post in bed, or going to bed at one in the morning after watching a whole season of Top Chef.

Being married or in a relationship, means compromise. Which is fine – that’s the way it should be. Give a little, take a little. Argue a bit, give in or let it go. What shall we watch on TV? No, not that, I hate anything to do with gangs and Mafia. No, not that, I’m tired of cooking shows… You know what I mean. Even after years of being together, it doesn’t necessarily mean things get easier. I will try and sneak in cooking shows, and he will continue liking the mafia stuff. And we will battle to find something that we both feel comfortable watching, which is no mean feat in this house! 🙂

Hence the pleasure of having some time out. For the next few weeks, we can watch whatever we want, eat whatever we want ( I love pasta, he loves potatoes), sleep how, when and where we want (he likes falling asleep on the couch). A recharge of the relationship batteries, if you will.

And then, just when I start thinking that this being alone thing is totally crap, he comes back, and we can happily argue over what to eat and what to watch on TV again.

Enjoy your Saturday, I know I’m going to – huddled at home, with my knitting, and the wind howling outside…

Until next time, stay safe. 🙂

Being consciously happy.

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Flower blog 3

Gerbera, up close.

One reads all these clever quotes about being happy, how to be happy, and especially, making the decision every day to be happy, etc.


Will somebody, somewhere, please tell me how?

If you wake up crabby – you didn’t sleep well because of problems, you’ve got a headache, your partner snored to high heaven – how on earth do you just ‘decide’ : ‘I’m going to be happy today!’ (with a smile and a la-la-la-la-laaaaa…)

I need a step-by-step explanation, or a drawing, because this one I cannot work out on my own.

Happiness is something, like love, that many poets and song writers have written about, because that is probably the ONE thing in life that everybody on the face of this earth, wants.

A lot of people equate happiness with love. Others feel that lots of money leads to happiness. Most people have their own definition of happiness. The Oxford English Dictionary says (hold your breath) happiness – being happy. Wow – profound… So happy accord to same, is ‘feeling or showing pleasure.‘ Right.

Which does not help me one little bit. If I’m feeling out of sorts, and I do not feel like smiling and even talking to people, how do I decide to be happy? Feeling grateful is one thing – I can wake up in a bad mood and still be grateful for a new day – I will just not expect too much of it. I can be grateful for my health and food on the table, which, by the way, I always am, but still not feel happy.

Is it just me? Was I born a grouch (which I do not consider myself to be at all, I am just not always happy) or difficult to please? You can tell me, I can take it! It might not make me happy to hear negative feedback, but I can handle it… 😉

So, if somebody out there can solve this conundrum for me, I’ll be forever grateful!

Until next time fellow bloggers, stay safe! 🙂





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Dewdrop catching the early morning sun.


What a good quality to have!

According to the Oxford English Dictionary it means: ‘the quality of continuing to try to achieve a particular aim despite difficulties.’

I tend to bail out when things get tough, or when it doesn’t work out quickly enough to my liking, which really is not to my advantage.

So many achievements in history would never have happened if the achievers didn’t show some degree of perseverance.

Think of writers that had to submit countless manuscripts to many editors before eventually getting published, and it turned out to be a best seller!

Think of scientists that had failure after failure before they achieved success, to the advantage of the whole world!

You might say that you don’t want to become famous, so why should you persevere? I will answer that with, why would you not want to? For yourself? What if you started selling your art because you wouldn’t give up? Maybe, because you tried and tried again, you fall pregnant? Or you finish knitting that sweater that you started years ago? Or you finally managed to bake that perfect loaf of bread? Maybe something as small (and as huge) as finding a job, so you can become self-sufficient, look after your family…

I am quite certain that through perseverance, most of us would be able to achieve WAY more than we ever thought possible…

Until next time, stay safe. 🙂


About life and lying.

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Sweet little flower of a creeper, creeping all over a dead pile of wood.

The other day I wrote a bit about HOPE, and the importance of hope in one’s life.

There are a few more things (‘things’ doesn’t quite seem like the right word here…) that are very important to me in my life, and I can only hope ( 😉 ), in other people’s lives as well.

TRUTH, for instance. It is very easy to say ‘I always speak the truth.’ Do you? Think about it. Do you always speak the truth? If a friend asks you what you think of her new dress, do you give an honest answer, or do you say what you think she wants to hear, and justify it with ‘it was only a white lie’? If your spouse, who loves cooking, asks you what you think of a new dish he/she has prepared, do you give an honest answer? It has become way too easy to slip into telling a lie, and make an excuse about it, or worse, not to even think about further!

Now, there is also telling lies without speaking. Your actions can be lies. Ever thought about that? For instance – you may be associating with someone that makes you uncomfortable. Maybe they are atheist/Muslim/Christian/gay/wrong political party, and you are uncomfortable because you were raised differently, but you see them anyway because ‘everybody does it’ – it is politically correct. NOT because you really want to be friends with them. That is lying by actions.

Or you are having an affair. And then you go home and pretend everything is fine, and you still love your husband. Lying with your actions.

There are lots and lots of examples of both telling lies and lying with your actions, but I’m sure you get where I’m going with this.

There is no reason to lie. It is always, always better to tell the truth. It might make things uncomfortable for you, because your husband might leave you, or your ‘friends’ might find out what your true feelings are, and distance themselves from you. But if you were truthful from the start, a lot of discomfort and hurt could have been avoided.

If everybody lived the truth, what an amazing world this would be!

Until next time, blog friends! 🙂

Life is…

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Bees feasting.


“Life is amazing. And then it’s awful. And then it’s amazing again. And in between the amazing and the awful it’s ordinary and mundane and routine. Breathe in the amazing, hold on through the awful, and relax and exhale during the ordinary. That’s just living heartbreaking, soul-healing, amazing, awful, ordinary life. And it’s breathtakingly beautiful.”  ~ LR Knost

I had an idea for a post today, but the above quote sort of says it all…

Until next time… 🙂