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Conquer, or divide?

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This has become more and more of an issue.

While I still have this platform to write and voice my humble opinions on things (I don’t know what happens at the end of this month if I don’t renew my subscription), here goes!

We, and by this I mean the WHOLE world, have been living with this little pest, also known as Covid 19, for nearly two years now. We have gone through lockdown after lockdown, we have gone through a myriad of emotions on a daily basis, we haven’t seen our families for weeks, months or in my case, years, and still the end is not in sight. I is a tough, tough situation. Hopefully nobody alive on this earth will have to ever go through something like this again – if we can ever manage to get past this global hiccup, that is. I probably won’t see anything like this again in my lifetime.

We, as the human species, were divided on – where it came from, is it real, is it really as dangerous as they say, will you or won’t you wear your face mask, sanitize your hands, your house, your life, obey lockdown rules, etc.

Then, as if that was not enough, along comes the vaccine. Yay!!! Now we can all get vaccinated and life can continue as normal! Or not…

Nope. That was not to be, because the very existence of the vaccine, managed to divide people even more! Now friends and family argue and fight and threaten each other. They stop seeing each other because some are vaccinated, some are not. The most ridiculous thing I’ve heard up to now, was that someone (opposed to the vaccine) told vaccinated family that they should not come near her, because they (the vaccinated ones!) are a danger to her! I kid you not.

This is taking on bizarre and ridiculous measures, don’t you think? If ever I was to consider the fact that there is some sinister force at work, this might be the reason – that they meant to divide and then conquer the world, when it is at its most vulnerable.

I TOTALLY blame social media for all of this.

Yip, you heard me. Social media is to blame. It has become too easy to put disinformation out there for the whole world to see. The amount of crap, combined with the efforts from real science and scientists, is enough to make anybody and everybody’s head spin. Nobody has a clue anymore as to who or what to believe. You try and sieve out the truth from the nonsense, but how? There is just too much going on. And then you get those bloody idiots who find it amusing to deliberately post stupid pieces of nonsensical gibberish, and you will always find people that latch onto that and go – you see?

I do not see a solution to this problem, and I foresee even darker times ahead – call me a doomsday prophet if you want to. But this is a huge problem, families should stick together. Friends should support each other. If you do not have those structures anymore, what is left? Chaos.

It would be interesting to hear what you think about this, how you feel, but I’m not holding my breath for a response…

PS. This is of course my opinion, and mine alone, and I reserve the right to voice my opinion (which is something of a luxury these days) – and I stand by it.

No Thanksgiving for us…

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Thanksgiving is one of the holidays in the year that I actually feel has merit.

Ironic, because in South Africa we do not have Thanksgiving – in fact, I think most of the people here won’t even know what it is, might not even have heard of it. I know, right?!

So why should I think that it is an important holiday? To start off with, compared to the fluff and money-making marketing of Valentine’s day (sorry/not sorry to all the lovers out there), and even Mother’s day and Father’s day, Thanksgiving has heart, and soul, and meaning, and we are not thankful enough in our daily lives. (Yes, mothers and fathers and lovers are important people, but shouldn’t you honour and love them every day of the year? Shouldn’t you show them throughout the year what they mean to you? To do so to the nth degree one day a year really is quite meaningless and shallow.)

I think we take too many things for granted. A roof over our heads, food on the table, health, family, holidays, etc. Only when we lose those things, do we suddenly realize how privileged and blessed we were.

Even though there is some controversy regarding the day, I think it is a wonderful idea to have a day of Thanksgiving once a year, to ‘force’ people to be thankful at least one day a year. (I’ve done a bit of research, and found that although the pilgrims had much to be thankful for, to the Native Americans or Indigenous People (whatever the politically correct term is nowadays), it was quite the opposite!)

Also picked up in my ‘intensive research’ 😉 , is the interesting fact that one of the very few countries other than USA that celebrate Thanksgiving, Liberia, does so because it was brought over from America when freed slaves were settled there. (Liberia = Free Country.) They celebrate on the 1st of November.

But back to being thankful. I would have loved to have Thanksgiving ! This year I would be thankful for –

  • my health throughout the whole pandemic saga
  • my life, after an altercation with a truck at the end of May!
  • definitely very thankful that all my loved ones have so far escaped the virus too.
  • food on the table despite the fact that we’ve had serious financial setbacks because of the darn pandemic!
  • abundant rain, after we’ve had many years of drought in the area (there are still places in SA that are suffering seriously because they have not had rain for so long that their livestock is dying and they don’t have any money anymore to buy food for them. 😦 )
  • whatsapp video calls, because without them I don’t know how I would have survived two of my children living abroad
  • people in my life that I love, and I know they love me too

Maybe I’ll start my own Thanksgiving tradition here in South Africa, who knows? 😀

Not my business. Or is it?

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Why is it that one cares what happens in another country?

At least, that is, if you have a vague idea of what is actually happening in other countries. And then, the more you know, the more you ‘pick sides’.

Why is that? What happens in America or Germany or China has nothing to do with me. Unless of course atrocities are being perpetrated against human beings and animals. But just generally, their politics have nothing to do with me, because the citizens of the country get to choose what they want, and then they have to live with it, not me. Like the saying goes ‘not my monkeys, not my circus’.

‘We’, in other countries, look and listen, and form opinions, because like everybody else, we have certain moral standards and principles – some of course, more so than others. We talk about what is happening in other countries, of course. But why should we care?

Does anybody even know what is going on in South Africa? And if you do, do you care? Or do you just shrug and say – fortunately not my problem? I have a very good idea of what is going on in the US – more than what I actually want to know, because I’ve been distancing myself from all media, especially news broadcasts and Facebook.

Against all my resolve, I’ve been a bit drawn in by the election, but I’m not going to explain all my thoughts and feelings around it, only that I’ve leaned a bit to one side more than the other, because I care about humanity and the moral code of humanity. It seems to me what with all the human trafficking and sexual perversion going on in the world (and the covering up of it), all the drug trading and abuse, all the materialism and capitalism, the instant gratification, there is precious little space left over for the good, solid principles upon which our forefathers built their lives.

And that worries me. A lot.

Until next time, maybe delve a bit deeper than the surface, put your roiling emotions to one side for a few moments – make sure you are going to get what you really want… 😉


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Selfishness is being concerned excessively or exclusively, for oneself or one’s own advantage, pleasure, or welfare, regardless of others.” ~ Wikipedia

An entitlement mentality is a state of mind in which an individual comes to believe that privileges are instead rights, and that they are to be expected as a matter of course.” ~ Conservapedia

Two of my pet hates.

Mostly, they go hand in hand. And I believe a huge portion of the youth on this planet are to a big extent guilty of both, but especially the latter. Please note that I did not say ‘all of them’! I know gorgeous young people who were raised to be thankful, kind and empathetic. But unfortunately I know or have seen enough to know that a whole lot of our young ones believe they are ‘owed’ – they must get a car when they turn sixteen (in our country 18 or 21), they must wear only brand name clothes, they must have the latest in electronics and cell phones, etc. Why? Says who? Where do they think the money comes from? What have they done that makes them so special that they think it is their right? Nobody dies without those things, so you don’t have to have them.

You must have food, a roof over your head, clothes to wear and if you are very lucky, two loving parent to raise you and teach you the important values in life. The rest, if parents can afford it, are privileges, not rights!

I must also add, that although I believe it is a modern problem, I know there are some people from the older generations also guilty of selfishness, but I find there is less to no entitlement with them. They knew from a young age that you cannot get everything you want, when you want it. They learnt the hard way that you have to actually work for what you want.

So – where and why did this new notion creep in? I’ve got my ideas about it, but since I know this post is already going to land me in hot water, I will not go there today…

The germ of this post started a while ago when I watched ‘The Earthing Movie’. In it some youngsters were asked if they know what earthing is all about. They were horrified to realize that it means walking barefoot, because they have 100’s of pairs of shoes. Another one said that his shoes define him. WHAT??? I was shocked. Why would any one person need that many shoes? Why would parents allow them to buy that many? Why would someone think that they are defined (judged) by their shoes and not who they are as a person? I know what you are going to say – freedom of choice, free market, capitalism, what does it have to do with me, etc. But please, THINK about it. Not only is it the wrong value system, this crazy consumerism is also killing this earth we are living on.

This is HUGE, my friends, this is huge. And it is a real problem…

Until next time, think about it, please. 🙂

Wine Wednesday – one day late…

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The garden at Silverthorn Wines, on the bank of the Breede River.

I wanted to start my Wednesday wine blog yesterday, but I got distracted by other things, so my very first Wine Wednesday blog, is happening on a Thursday… No nasty comments, please! 😉

Last week I told you about my visit to a few wine farms in the area (see , but I only touched on the five places we visited, with a promise of more detail later – so, here we go!

If you love wine, wine tasting and beautiful surroundings, you get it all when you visit our general area, and you get it in spades when you visit Silverthorn Wines.

When you step out of the vehicle, you are immediately drawn to the scenery, as this beautiful winery lies on the banks of the Breede River. The hosts, John and Karen Loubser, has only recently started producing their wine full time on the farm, as John worked as wine maker on another farm, and their grapes were transported there and made off premise.

The tasting room.
John and Karen.

They give you a quick tour of the production area, and then it is time to get down to the serious business of tasting! The tasting happens around a large family size table (with a story of its own!) in a wonderfully informal style. John enjoys telling you about his wines, and he encourages any questions you may have. Interesting tidbits about the terroir, and the general area, makes for an entertaining tasting.

Production area. (That is not the tasting table!)
The tasting table.

Now, the wine… Silverthorn Wines produces only MCC. What on earth is that?, you may ask. Well, MCC is the South African version of champagne, but we may not call it that, of course. So in SA it is called MCC – Méthode Cap Classique. Basically it is champagne, made like champagne, and tastes like champagne, only it is not called champagne.

Silverthorn Wines produce 4 different MCC’s, of which 3 is readily available, and the fourth is only available once a year, when it is auctioned by the Cape Winemaker’s Guild. The wines are excellent, and for me personally, it is impossible to choose a favourite. Even the names are tantalizing – Jewel Box, The Green Man, The Genie, and The Big Dog.

The wines with their beautifully designed labels.

If you are a wine lover, and if you ever visit South Africa, I would highly recommend that you take a few days to tour our area to taste our superb, world class wines and enjoy our beautiful scenery and friendly people.

To know more about Silverthorn Wines, or to order, please visit their site at (This is NOT a paid advertisement, it is merely an attempt from my side to promote our wines and area.)

Until our next visit, be safe, be happy! 😀