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I enjoy cooking, but only if I have an appreciative audience. So I might have some cooking features here from time to time.

Jill of all trades…

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…mistress of none.

Yip, that’s me.

I’ve just read a blog on why people blog, and then I started thinking about the reasons I blog (or used to blog, since this is only my second blog in two years!), and I realised that I do it because I’ve always been a frustrated writer! I enjoy writing! I remember as first grader, I used to LOVE writing stories with little drawings, which brings me to the title of my blog – I’ve also always been a frustrated artist, and photographer, and interior decorator, AND, very important, a frustrated chef!

So once in a blue moon I write a few paragraphs, which is something I LOVE doing, and a couple of people might read it, which leads to a certain frustration, because when I go to the trouble of putting my thoughts into actual words, out there, for people to read, I want some response, some feedback!

I don’t draw or paint anymore. I always did as a child, but I stopped doing that, I never thought I was good enough. I recently started drawing mandalas, which I enjoyed, but then for a while I didn’t have time for it, so that died a silent death. I try to release my creative urges by knitting and crocheting, which I enjoy, but it takes a long time to finish each item, and I am often disappointed with the outcome. And then, when it’s done, what do I do with it? I have a LOT of finished projects that fill up cupboard space!



Photography has always been a hobby of mine, and for a few years I took thousands of pictures. I even got a wonderful camera as birthday gift a few years back (somewhere in my blogs you’ll find the story, and you will also find a whole lot of the pictures I took with it), and I loved using it, but lately I find it cumbersome to schlepp along with me, and I’ve resorted to only using my cell phone to take pictures (like I did with the images above)…

I love cooking, if I have an appreciative audience, of course… I definitely do not like going to a lot of trouble, if I don’t at least have an inkling that my food will be enjoyed. I might be a better baker than I am a cook, but I hardly ever bake because I try to eat as healthy as possible, and most of what I bake goes to waste. And I am definitely an emotional cook – if I don’t feel like cooking, you would do better to go get takeaways, than eat what I made!

Mistress of none, like I said!

I’ve come to an embarrassing conclusion, just now, as I was writing my thoughts down – could it be that I am looking for validation for the things I do, instead of just doing them for myself and enjoying them? And when I don’t get that validation, I lose interest? Oh. My. Word. I hope not! I sincerely hope that I am just one of those people that are easily bored, and hop from one thing to the other to keep myself interested in something!!!!!


Sunshine in a bottle – something different…

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I’m slightly freaked out.

My laptop died.

So, there I was 2 days ago, writing this whole piece of history as promised to you guys, and I couldn’t get to my pictures. And every time I think of something I want to write, I remember that I cannot get to my ‘old’ photographs.

Therefor, I had to take some new pictures.

About a week ago, my SO’s* mother sent us a HUGE bag of kumquats. Her tree bore abundant fruit this year, and since she doesn’t like these pretty little fruits, she sent them to us. Problem is, I also don’t like to eat them. And since there are only 2 people at a time in the house that do eat kumquats, the majority of those fruits were probably going to go to waste.

I decided that it will be a dreadful waste, so I got onto the internet, found a recipe for kumquat marmalade, and I got going. Marmalade is another thing I don’t really enjoy, but at least then we can give a bottle or two of marmalade to someone that does enjoy it, and the fruit doesn’t end up on our compost heap.



It is extremely time consuming. To get the pith out, and the pips, and then to cut it up finely, took me a couple of hours, and I only did one kilogram! I didn’t want to do too much, in case it didn’t work out. (I’ve never made jam before.)


Cleaned and cut!


After all that, adding the rest of the ingredients is as easy as pie, but then you have to watch it like a hawk so it doesn’t overcook and become a sticky inedible mess!! πŸ™‚

And then, the best part, is spooning it into the prepared bottles!!! And tasting it, of course! And in the end, I was really pleased with the result. It is far from perfect, I’m sure, but it tastes good and doesn’t look too bad.

I couldn’t quite get the pictures the way I wanted, but at least you’ll get the idea!


Sunshine, bottled, with clove! πŸ™‚



And the taste test…

Seed loaf, real butter and kumquat marmalade!!


Apparently, the computer guy will be able to retrieve the stuff on my pc, so all I need to do is get new one… 😦 Β Or just buy an external hard drive to put everything on, and then I could, for the moment, use my darling, patient SO’s laptop, until my finances look a bit better.

Until next time then, cheers! πŸ™‚