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Timing is everything.

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Don’t you think?

In so many, many ways…

Think back to some of the major things that had happened in your life. For instance, imagine if you didn’t go to that coffee shop at that specific time so many years ago, you might never have met the love of your life. Or you wouldn’t have landed the job you’ve got now.

If I didn’t go to the shops at the time I did on the 30th May 2020, and if I crossed the road five seconds earlier or later, I would never have been hit by a truck, and landed up in hospital. (True story…)

When you cook and bake, timing is ever so important. If you leave the fish in the pan for 2 minutes too long, it is dry and horrible. If you forget to set the timer and you don’t take the cake out of the oven in time, it is ruined.

Accidents could have been avoided, lives would have been different, if the timing was different.

If you start the game of ‘IF’, it is amazing, mind boggling, scary. I don’t often think about things that way, but once I start, I keep going. I then realize how much of my life could’ve been different give or take a few minutes or hours here or there. It can also be a few years. I’ve heard people say that they’ve met the love of their life, but the timing wasn’t right.

I do, however, strongly believe in the fact that one’s life is pretty much planned for you even before you are born, otherwise, why else would things happen exactly the way they do? And I know a LOT of you will argue with me about that, and that is fine, we are all entitled to our own beliefs. Even if you differ, just give a few minutes of thought to the timing in your life, how certain things worked out, or didn’t, because of timing.

You know how we use the words ‘he was lucky – he was just at the right place, at the right time’? Mmmmm … but was it just luck?

Luck, serendipity, coincidence, preordination, call it what you want to, nobody can deny that timing is a huge part of life and love.

Until next time, may your timing be just right! 😉

PS. Apparently timing is also important in regards to when you do a new post – so here’s hoping I’ve at last got the timing right!!! 😀


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Selfishness is being concerned excessively or exclusively, for oneself or one’s own advantage, pleasure, or welfare, regardless of others.” ~ Wikipedia

An entitlement mentality is a state of mind in which an individual comes to believe that privileges are instead rights, and that they are to be expected as a matter of course.” ~ Conservapedia

Two of my pet hates.

Mostly, they go hand in hand. And I believe a huge portion of the youth on this planet are to a big extent guilty of both, but especially the latter. Please note that I did not say ‘all of them’! I know gorgeous young people who were raised to be thankful, kind and empathetic. But unfortunately I know or have seen enough to know that a whole lot of our young ones believe they are ‘owed’ – they must get a car when they turn sixteen (in our country 18 or 21), they must wear only brand name clothes, they must have the latest in electronics and cell phones, etc. Why? Says who? Where do they think the money comes from? What have they done that makes them so special that they think it is their right? Nobody dies without those things, so you don’t have to have them.

You must have food, a roof over your head, clothes to wear and if you are very lucky, two loving parent to raise you and teach you the important values in life. The rest, if parents can afford it, are privileges, not rights!

I must also add, that although I believe it is a modern problem, I know there are some people from the older generations also guilty of selfishness, but I find there is less to no entitlement with them. They knew from a young age that you cannot get everything you want, when you want it. They learnt the hard way that you have to actually work for what you want.

So – where and why did this new notion creep in? I’ve got my ideas about it, but since I know this post is already going to land me in hot water, I will not go there today…

The germ of this post started a while ago when I watched ‘The Earthing Movie’. In it some youngsters were asked if they know what earthing is all about. They were horrified to realize that it means walking barefoot, because they have 100’s of pairs of shoes. Another one said that his shoes define him. WHAT??? I was shocked. Why would any one person need that many shoes? Why would parents allow them to buy that many? Why would someone think that they are defined (judged) by their shoes and not who they are as a person? I know what you are going to say – freedom of choice, free market, capitalism, what does it have to do with me, etc. But please, THINK about it. Not only is it the wrong value system, this crazy consumerism is also killing this earth we are living on.

This is HUGE, my friends, this is huge. And it is a real problem…

Until next time, think about it, please. 🙂

Hi, my name is…

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Hi, my name is Zelmaré, and I haven’t posted for years!

Haha…funny, not funny. I used to be addicted to blogging, couldn’t go a day without, and then, just like that, I stopped. Why, you may ask? I’ve asked myself that question, but have yet to come up with an answer…

Since the last time I wrote anything here (I honestly don’t even know when the last time was, I even had to change my password because I had forgotten the previous one!), a hell of a lot has happened in my life.

I should’ve checked when my last post was, because now I have to fly by the seat of my pants in terms of where to start … but here goes!

I was still farming in the northern province of Limpopo in South Africa then, and I had a few frustrations going on in my life, which made it difficult for me to be happy.


I found my passion in cattle farming, relatively late in life. I loved every minute of the 7 years that I worked with these amazing creatures, but I had to make decisions regarding my life and happiness, so I had to give them up, which broke my heart… But hey – choices!!!

Which brings me to another one of the huge changes in my life in the last few years. I have always loved the Western Cape province of South Africa. I knew the area from a young age, and it has been a dream of mine for many years to live there (here). So, a few years ago, after I sold my house in the Northwest, I decided to buy a place somewhere in the Western Cape. I ended up buying a 130 year old cottage in Robertson 3 years ago, in the heart of the wine country, and made one of my dreams come true. At first my SO* and I shared our time between Limpopo and Robertson, since his whole life has been in Limpopo for the last 30 years, but last year, I moved here permanently and started a new life.


My SO* is here with me as much as he can/wants to be, and if he misses his place up in the north too much, or when he has matters requiring his attention, he spends some time there. When he is here, we love exploring, or going for bike rides around the beautiful places in the area, or working on the cottage. All in all, a completely different life for me to the previous 9 years.

There was another huge event that took place recently and changed my life forever, but since I am determined to blog more often from now on, I will let that stand over for next time!

Until then, blog friends, stay safe!

*SO – significant other