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To try and create beautiful living areas where things are a bit boring and drab.


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I forgot to mention yesterday that another one of my passions is RENOVATING! Or maybe a more accurate description would be revamping – to call it renovating is probably too pretentious! πŸ™‚

I love magazines with ideas on how to ‘make over’ your lounge/bedroom/patio in a day with lots of pictures. If they add the word ‘budget’, they’ve got me hooked. Few things make me feel as good as a dingy wall being transformed by a new coat of paint – by my hand, of course.

So, this is what I thought I’d do… (until I change my mind again, which I believe is my prerogative) I’m going to show you the progress on my latest project, which is to make a very drab patio area with lots of potential, into a beautiful area where we can relax and entertain to our hearts content. I will also be showing and telling you more about this small piece of land that has so captured my heart. Every time I go there, I see things I want to photograph, and the place has so many moods and faces, that I could probably fill a book with it.

But, let’s do some revamping first. Mainly this patio of ours needs paint and some decorating. It has scuff marks and gouges on the walls, and raw cement in places (where some revamping has taken place as in building a braai (barbeque) but it was never finished off) I’ve already done some work on it, but it is still a far way off from being finished.

Some ‘BEFORE’ pictures:

Side wall with some water damage.

Kitchen side of the patio

The next pictures are from the other side of the patio, and then there is still another little area that I’ll show you in a different post – yes, it is not such a small project!

A corner of the 'braai' (barbeque)

The 'braai' side of the patio

I now need to go and take a long, refreshing shower. Β It’s been a hot, hot day, and I am covered in paint droplets, but I’m a happy camper because the place is already starting to look very different. πŸ™‚

Until next time, keep well!