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Dewdrop catching the early morning sun.


What a good quality to have!

According to the Oxford English Dictionary it means: ‘the quality of continuing to try to achieve a particular aim despite difficulties.’

I tend to bail out when things get tough, or when it doesn’t work out quickly enough to my liking, which really is not to my advantage.

So many achievements in history would never have happened if the achievers didn’t show some degree of perseverance.

Think of writers that had to submit countless manuscripts to many editors before eventually getting published, and it turned out to be a best seller!

Think of scientists that had failure after failure before they achieved success, to the advantage of the whole world!

You might say that you don’t want to become famous, so why should you persevere? I will answer that with, why would you not want to? For yourself? What if you started selling your art because you wouldn’t give up? Maybe, because you tried and tried again, you fall pregnant? Or you finish knitting that sweater that you started years ago? Or you finally managed to bake that perfect loaf of bread? Maybe something as small (and as huge) as finding a job, so you can become self-sufficient, look after your family…

I am quite certain that through perseverance, most of us would be able to achieve WAY more than we ever thought possible…

Until next time, stay safe. 🙂