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Under the (thumb of) weather…

The weather is like a chameleon….
Photo by Thameur Dahmani on

Our weather has been as upside down lately as this whole year has been up to now…

As if Covid is not enough to deal with, the weather is acting up as well. We are supposed to be in Spring, with temperatures gradually climbing towards summer, but instead we are on a weather roller coaster!!!

How does this daily progression sound to you: 16°, 18°, 24°, 31°, 18°, 15°, 17°, 30°… (Celsius, of course) It is madness! I just never know what to wear. And a day might start off quite chilly, and by midday it is sweltering. (Just to clarify – anything above 30° is sweltering as far as I’m concerned…)

Also, the wind… Now, that is not something new in this area, but it is definitely one of the things I find very difficult to adjust to, since the place where I grew up and lived most of my life, basically only has wind in August, and then very mildly as well. And it is not the wind per se, but the severity thereof. This wind is trying it’s best to take down roofs, or snap tree trunks – I can hear it. Generally, wind is not conducive to peace of mind or calmness of the spirit, or sleep, for that matter! By it’s very nature, it is disturbing and disrupting.

It seems to go like this – the temperatures go slightly higher and higher over a few days, then suddenly it is hot as Hades, then the wind starts throwing tantrums and carries on for a day or two, and just as suddenly the temperatures drop right down to below the twenties.

It certainly keeps us humans on our feet, and Mother Nature in stitches, I’m sure!

So, until next time, I’ll hold on to something solid (in order not to blow away) while I’m putting clothes on and taking it off again, and you guys stay safe! 😀