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Sleep – a wonderous thing.

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Blue moon, earlier this month.

I am NOT a morning person, so WHY am I waking up at the crack of dawn these days???? WHY???

I was awake at 4.28 this morning. 😦

One of my favourite things to do is sleep. I don’t mean that I sleep all the time, or even a lot, but I used to love going to bed at night with the prospect of a good, long, deep sleep about to happen. Now it is not happening anymore.

I’m about to try a range of things to try and get my sleep back.

I’m going to try and go to bed around the same time every night. I’m used to going to bed when I feel like I’m about to fall asleep on the couch, which is anything between half past nine to half past eleven. Never earlier, and rarely later. And then I used to wake up around seven in the morning. So from last night, I’m going to go to bed at 10pm, every night. Routine.

I will seriously attempt not going onto social media or any electronic devices for the last hour before I go to bed. (TV doesn’t count as an electronic device, right?)

Read a book. I’ve started reading a book last night, and will continue to do so every night as the last thing I do before lights out. (I actually used to do that!) I didn’t get very far last night before my eyes started to droop, so maybe that will help getting me off to Lalaland…

I need to get more physically active, which might help. I walk with my dog most days, but it seems that is not enough. I refuse to go to the gym, so I’ll have to work something out that will tire me out.

I’ve heard that lavender helps for people battling to sleep, so I even have a small bouquet of lavender on my bedside table now.

An option I’m not ready to entertain yet, is that a lot of people need less sleep as they grow older… Please, NO! Until I’ve exhausted all other avenues, I’ll assume that my sleeplessness is because of financial issues. Maybe it’s my biorhythms that are out of whack. Or Covid. Yes, let’s blame it on the pandemic!!

Hopefully after this whole pandemic schlepp is over, I’ll get to sleep well again. In the meantime I will try all the above, and see if that gets me back to my normal sleeping patterns.

Any ideas from your side? Maybe you’ve tried something that worked for you – I’m willing to give it a go!

Until we chat again, sleep tight, but don’t let the bed bugs bite! 🙂

The grim truth.

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Livingstone daisies. I thought a huge, colourful pic might make the content of the blog more palatable!!! 😀

I’m sorry to be glum (and that on a Monday!), I know most people hate talking about or facing this, but this is the truth as I’m experiencing it now – my truth in other words.

Whether you are twenty, or eighty years old, whether you are a hale and hearty person in the twilight of your life, or a younger person with some kind of debilitating illness – we are all going to die, sooner or later.

Let me tell you in short how I came to feel the urge to write about this reality that everybody knows, but very few talk about. My mother is visiting me for a few weeks. This is the first time I’ve seen her since the beginning of March, the main reason being, our international pal, Covid. So, she’s been on her own in a retirement village 1500 km’s away from me – I couldn’t even ‘visit’ from the street, or through a window! And she turned 85 in October.

We’ve talked about the possibility of her moving closer to me in the past, because if, God forbid, she falls and hurts herself or she suddenly gets seriously ill, I cannot be there for her. She has been reluctant before, because she has friends ‘up there’, who she will miss, of course. But with everything happening, I thought that the subject should be brought up again. She now seems to be slightly more open to the idea, but my mum being who she is, keeps finding obstacles that she thinks would make the move difficult or impossible.

Now, here is the reality – when a person gets to a certain age, no matter how much you avoided the subject before, there comes a time that you have to face up to your own mortality. But, like my mom so eloquently stated earlier this morning, ‘life is unpredictable, you (that’s me) may die first, and then what?‘ Ouch. But true.

I would like to be at least my mom’s age when I die, and then I want to go peacefully in my sleep. But that is probably only a dream because in reality very few people’s lives end like that.

So, how does one face your own mortality without taking to the bottle (alcohol, pills, whatever)? How do you calmly accept and plan for this eventuality? In life we assume there is a pattern – you are born, you grow up, marry and have children, grow old watching your grand children grow up, you get older, you die. Your children doesn’t die, or your grand children! It’s grannies first, then their children grow old before they die, etc. But once again, we all know it does not happen like that. My SO’s* eldest child died eight years ago. My ex’s grandfather saw his wife and both his children die before he did.

It is a grim truth, a sad reality, but part of life, one we need to face, however unpleasant. And I don’t think I’m quite ready yet…

But, until next time, CARPE DIEM!!!!! 🙂

*SO – significant other