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Haz and Megz.

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Or the Ginge and the Whinge, as I call them (and quite a lot of other people do too).

They are actually the Whinge and the Whinge! But to make things simple, let’s keep to the above.

I find it amazing how these two managed to create a following for themselves (albeit a relatively small following, thank goodness), mainly for dissing Harry’s family for no reason. And the fact that most of what they’ve been saying has been proven to have been lies, makes it even more incomprehensible.

What it probably does, is to show us the scary power of social media. People stir each other into a frenzy over inconsequential stuff. Because that’s what they are now – inconsequential. Neither of them have any standing in the world at the moment, and they probably never will, in the big scheme of things. And yet, you find those who will scream and swear if somebody dare say anything against them. Why?

Yes, she’s got a pretty face. But a bad actress – everybody could see right through her act from the start. Yes, he used to be a funny and charming member of the royal family. Now he is dour and disrespectful. But other than that, what and who are they now?

Are they trying their best to be the next ‘Kardashian family’? – who popped out of nowhere to become social media icons because of good (?) PR and shoving their faces into everybody else’s constantly. Except for promoting a hedonistic lifestyle, and making a few plastic surgeons very rich – who are they? What do they do that means anything? Which brings me back to the Haz-beens.

When they left the UK, most people wished them well in their new lives, after the shock of how they did it, wore off. But then they started with their nonsense, aided and abetted by Ms. Oprah, an even worse actress than Megz. (What? Whaaaaaat?) I wonder how long they think putting your own family down is going to make them money… Haz sure gets good lessons from the wifey, she has been treating her family like dirt for years! But it is not sustainable!!!!

Whether you are a fan of the royal family or not, and I really don’t care either way, surely there are better and more substantial people in the world that you can follow and go gaga over? Even if you don’t like ‘serious’ stuff, there are actors and actresses out there who can actually really act – follow them. Some of them even do some real charitable stuff! They are the ones you want to follow. Not the hollow tin cans.