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Here there, this that…

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Sunset on the farm, exactly a week ago.

I cannot believe that I haven’t posted anything for more than a week! Aaaaarggggghhhh!

I am not going to go into all the details about why, suffice it to say, I was away, I was really busy, and I managed to spend an hour or so on the farm, my previous happy place.

I heard that a lot of countries have been ‘downgraded’ again due to our common enemy, Mr. Covid, and my heart goes out to you all. Hang in there, this too shall pass! 🙂

I’ve been going through emotional ups and downs myself lately. I miss all my children all the time, (but especially the faraway ones, since I am lucky enough to see my eldest son relatively often), finances are not ideal and I don’t see relief in the near future, and I just need things to go back to normal again…

Enough whining! Onto the positive stuff! 🙂

I’ve planted some tomatoes a while back, and they have really taken off the last week. I’m hoping to get a good harvest, as we use quite a lot of tomatoes. I have also planted beans, and they are slowly getting there too. My roses have exploded, and they look and smell heavenly! So all in all, my garden is a joy at the moment. Working in the garden also gives me an ideal opportunity do the ‘earthing’ thing, and even if it doesn’t live up to all the promises, I do feel good after I’ve spent some time barefoot in the garden, and that’s the main thing. (I’m NOT saying that it doesn’t deliver, I haven’t done enough of it yet to form an opinion, and besides being quite stressed, I don’t have health issues that I needed to resolve by earthing.)

Tomatoes left, and spinach.
My old English roses.

With the flowers and the fruit, there are also a lot of birds in my garden, and I thought that I’d like to attract even more, so I am going to build myself a few feeders. (Or maybe just buy some… I’ll get back to you on that… 😉 ) Since I’ve got a little guesthouse in my back garden, and there are a LOT of birders out there, it might be something they’ll enjoy when they stay over. What do you think? Maybe with a little journal where they can record the birds they’ve seen?

Until next time, blog friends, breathe deeply, stay calm, and be safe. 🙂

Simple pleasures.

Daisy doing what makes her happy!

What makes you happy?

We often take our Daisy girl (a very clever border collie x) for a walk in the mountains. It makes her a very happy dog. Lately, these walks have turned into swimming sessions. Now, she is ecstatically happy when we go to the mountains! I envy her the ability to be so exuberant because of something so simple…

That made me think about what I need to feel something like that.

A walk in the mountains is generally something I enjoy doing, because of the stunning natural beauty, and to be out in the fresh air. But often I am reluctant to go, because of the ‘effort’ involved. We have to load her in the truck, drive the 10kms to the mountains, walk with her, load a wet puppy in the car, and drive home again.

I can, if I wanted to, find a reason not to do a lot of things. And a reason not to enjoy it. And I often do. Have we become too evolved? Too ‘fancy’ or clever to just jump into something like a puppy and enjoy it?

I think it has something to do with living in the moment. The moment you start analyzing and thinking about it, it takes some of the joy away.

Simple things can definitely bring joy, if we give it a chance. Like an ice cream on a hot day. Or a hot bath on a cold day. The smell of rain. The smell of garlic, or freshly baked bread. The feeling of the grass beneath your feet. The sound of rain on the roof. Coming home after an absence of a few hours, days or weeks. A few balls of new yarn. A hug.

So, I’ll ask you again – what makes you happy?

Let’s be more like puppies. Or toddlers. Feel the joy in small things…

Until next time, be happy! 😀

Spring 2020

I’ve been trying to write for 2 days now.

Normally, when I sit behind the laptop, an idea appears and I can start writing. Not this week… I have no idea why.

So, I’ve decided to do more pictures today than words. I’ve taken some pictures of what is going on in my garden about an hour ago, and spring is definitely here, except the weather is still not quite there – very windy with lowish temperatures, but I’m sure that we’ll soon be gasping for breath! So, without much ado, here is spring in my garden!

Clivia in late afternoon sun.
Lavender in soft light.

So there you have it, blog friends! A few pieces of my garden. I hope where ever you are, that you can find joy in your surroundings.

Until next time, stay safe, stay healthy and happy. 🙂