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Something much lighter…

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So…I’ve written a couple of posts with ‘heavy’ content to see how it is received (not too well). I will try a couple with less intense and controversial content – ie fluffy, since I’m trying to gauge what  the current state of affairs and preference is as far as blogging goes.

What I discovered for myself over the last week, is that I do not like reading blogs that go on and on. Short and sweet, is much better, as I am trying to connect with a few people every time I log on, and my mind starts to wander when the post doesn’t stop…

Yesterday started off cloudy and cold, but we decided to go for a drive anyway, just for a change of scenery.

We drove along one of our favourite routes, and since it is the time of year for wheat and canola, we came upon some beautiful scenes. I can never drive past without taking a few pictures…



Today, being Sunday, and sunny, we went for a loooong walk, and now we are spending some time outside, enjoying the warmer weather until late afternoon, when the cold will most certainly start creeping in again, as we are expecting another cold front this coming week.

Until next time kind people, keep well and stay safe. 🙂