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Honey… I’m ho-ome!

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Been there, done that, did not get the t-shirt. 🙂

My last post was all about my excitement over my impending visit to my daughter in Canada. Well, I’ve been, and I’m back!

The three weeks flew by, and as I got ready to head home, it felt unreal that my holiday could be over already…

(Why does one always feel torn? Or is it just me? What I mean is – before I left, I was torn because I was going on holiday without my SO*, and after 3 weeks in Canada, I was torn again, this time because I would have loved staying longer to spend more time with my daughter and son-in-law, but I was missing my SO so much, I had to come home… 😦

Anyway…about my trip…

I LOVED IT! 🙂  I’ve wanted to see Canada for many years, and now I’ve done it. And may I say, what a beautiful country it is! Of course I haven’t seen the WHOLE country, that would probably ( 😉 ) take more than 3 weeks, but what I’ve seen has left me happy and content, because it was all that I expected, and more!

At the top of Sulphur Ridge.

At the top of Sulphur Ridge.

Besides enjoying being with Xan and Stef, and getting to know the area where they live, as well as the city of Edmonton, they spoiled me beyond any expectations, and for that I thank them from the bottom of my heart. They took time off work and drove me around all over the place! I got to go to Drumheller and see the amazing countryside around it, I was fortunate to visit the absolutely fantastic Royal Tyrrell Museum ( dinosaurs) which is well worth a visit, even if you may think you are not really into dinosaurs. And… I got to see and experience The Canadian Rockies!

Oh. My. Word.

Beyond beautiful. The beauty of it often left me speechless, and definitely in awe of the power and wonder of nature. I could go there again, and again, and again, and I will not tire of the awesome beauty. I was fortunate enough to experience these magnificent mountains from a tourist’s perspective, as well as on a more ‘personal’, intimate level, as we drove around and stopped at numerous sites, and walked and climbed to a point where I thought I was not going to make it. But I did (with a little help and encouragement from Xan & Stef!), and I’m glad I persevered. The rewards were such that I hope if I forget everything else in my old age, I will remember that.

So, thanks to my SO, my daughter and Stef, I can tick another couple of boxes on my Bucket List: Canadian Rockies – CHECK. Banff – CHECK. Jasper – CHECK.

I will not ‘check’ Canada just yet, as it is such a vast country, and I feel I need to see a bit more of it before I can say I’ve seen Canada!


(Next time, I might write a bit about the things I found odd about Canada…)

*SO Significant Other



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Up, up, and away...

Up, up, and away…

The final countdown.

Three more sleeps, and then I’m up,up and away!!!

I cannot understand how one person can be such a mess of emotions… Super-excited. Stressed. Worried. Sad. Fortunately, I’m not feeling all of that in equal measure!

I am super-excited. I’m starting to pack today, which is not something I normally do. I usually leave the packing to the last day, but this time I can’t help myself. I want to get on that ‘plane, and fly off to far-away places, and of course, to my daughter!!!!! Cannot wait to spend some quality time with her, to see where they live, and how. And of course, to explore new places (for me!) with her and her hubby.

I am stressed. I haven’t traveled on my own for a very long time, and it is a veeeeeeerrry long trip… Another reason why I am starting to pack now, is for the fear of forgetting important things, which stresses me out too. And I’ve got a few important things to do here before I go, and I’m not sure I’ll get it all done.

I’m worried. I do believe that I’m the only one that can look after my cattle the way I do! I know I’m probably wrong, but that’s just the way I feel. I’m worried to leave them and not be there if something goes wrong.

And I am a little sad. It’s sad that I have to leave my SO* here and go off on my own. He is the reason why I haven’t traveled on my own for so long. I know I will miss him terribly.

But all in all, I’m ready to go! Its been some time since I’ve been off to explore a new country, and Canada has been on my list of ‘places to see’! And I’m sure that once the wheels of the ‘plane leave the ground, I’ll be all excited, and forget to be stressed, or worried. Maybe just a little sad…

SO* Significant other

Flower Power

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“I hope some day to meet God, because I want to thank Him for the flowers.” ~Robert Brault

I am still on the subject of high and low, happy and sad.

What does that have to do with flowers? – I hear you ask.

Well, quite a lot, from where I’m standing. Look at the past 2 – 3 weeks, for instance. Nearly 3 weeks ago, we received quite a few bouquets of flowers from friends and family, and even from business associates in sympathy for the death of Bernd’s son. Some were sent from florists, some were simply given as a bunch of flowers. They were all given with some kind of emotion attached to them – love, empathy, sympathy, sadness…

Which is what happened last weekend, but sort of very differently. There were flowers at the wedding. A flower in Xan’s hair, a wedding bouquet put together quickly with daisies, her favourite flower, some flowers at the picnic – all there to convey some kind of message or emotion – this time though, different kinds of emotions like happiness, celebration, love…

Oh wait! You see what happened there? LOVE. Love and flowers where people are sad, love and flowers where people are gathered together in happiness.

I love flowers. All flowers. I know most people do, even if the pretend they couldn’t care less. Flowers have the power to lift you up when you’re down and to brighten a dull day or a dreary room.

I have a few pictures of flowers for you, to maybe brighten up your day, it it needs a bit of brightening! 🙂 Some are from the sad event in our lives, some are from the happy event, but does it really matter which is which? They all make us feel better, and loved…

A lily, up close!

A lily, up close!

Pink carnation.

Pink carnation.


Tiny little daisy.

Gerbera in blue bottle.

Gerbera in blue bottle.

Gerbera, up close.

Gerbera, up close.


Flowers whisper “Beauty!” to the world, even as they fade, wilt, fall.  ~Dr. SunWolf,


🙂  I feel better, even just looking at pictures of pretty flowers! 🙂

Have a great weekend, friends!!! I don’t know what you are going to do, but I’ll be packing for our trip to Europe… !!!! 😀




Janus, aka Zelmare, or mom…

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I feel a bit like Janus today. As you probably know, he is the Roman god with two faces, looking both to the past and the future. My duality has more to do with feeling both very proud and pleased, and at the same time very sad and heartbroken.

I’m not sure how much I can say, since I don’t want to spoil things for my child – it is all to do with her, so in respect to her and her right to tell her own story, I’ll talk only about my side of this story.

All the parents out there know how much we want everything to go well for our children. We want them to be only happy, and we don’t want them to ever get hurt. Etcetera. You know what I mean.

So, when things go very well and turn out the way they want them to, we should be delighted and happy, not so? Absolutely. And I am, very much so, believe me! 🙂 See that smile?

At the same time, I’m so very, very sad… And I am sorry, but I cannot help it. So please bear with me, because this sadness is not going to go away quickly. I’ll try hard for it not to keep showing up in my posts…

I thought this picture really is a metaphor for how we as parents feel about our kids. It is the first picture I post that has not been taken by me, and I don’t know who to credit for it, but whoever you are sir/madam, this is beautiful!!! Some of you might have seen it, as it has been doing the rounds in an e-mail.



Thank you for visiting, and until we chat again, be blessed. 🙂



Cloud 9

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Two of my blog friends expressed the same fascination and love for clouds that I have. And yesterday, as I was looking through my photo’s for something to post on my beetle- blog, I realized how many pictures I’ve got with clouds featuring prominently,  and I decided to do a cloud-blog today.

Sunset clouds, sunrise clouds, storm clouds, cold front clouds, they are all there! 🙂 These photographs have been taken over a few years (the ones shown here are from 2008 to now), not from the viewpoint of a photographer (which I’m not!), but just as a very enthusiastic cloud lover,  and even more enthusiastic picture -taker,  so please don’t expect masterpieces!

I’m starting off with this very weird picture of  something I’ve never seen before – the actual edge of a cold front moving in over the area. To me this was worth a few pics, although they are far from special as far as photographs go! (I don’t even know if one could call this a cloud?) 🙂

Cold Front

This next picture was taken one evening on the way home. I had just picked my son up from rugby practice and when I saw these clouds I literally stopped next to the road to quickly take some pictures.

Silver lining

The next few were taken at home. I would be busy doing whatever, and I would look outside and see a storm brewing, or the sun catching clouds in a certain way at sunset, and I would grab my camera and run outside and madly snap away!

Quirky clouds

Storm and sunset

Another sunset

I’ve got another pic taken from this same spot, but it is SO different, SO dramatic and intense, that I decided to do that one on its own in a future blog.

I’ve been sifting through all my pictures for the best part of this afternoon, so I’ve decided to finish off with this next picture, which, OF COURSE, was taken on the farm just over a week ago. It was at dusk, on the day that we off-loaded our  cows, and I loved the soft, peaceful feel this picture has, even though it is probably the least ‘picturesque’ of them all! 🙂

Farm cloud

Whatever you see here, has not been edited in any way (except for their size), as I don’t have Photoshop or anything like that.

I am melting in intense heat, and I’m fervently wishing for some clouds gathering right now, bringing the mother of all storms, so we can just cool off a little bit!

Until next time, if I haven’t melted completely into a puddle, keep well!!! 😀

Falling in love with the farm.

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I first ‘met’ the farm two years ago. It was love at first sight! 🙂

As I told you before, I’m a city girl  born and raised, and I never had any wish to live on a farm. But when I saw this small piece of land in the Waterberg area in the province of Limpopo, there was just something about it that tugged at my heart strings. And although we don’t live there, we are busy building a tiny cottage there so we can sometimes stay there for the weekend. We go there often to watch the sunset, or just to relax a little bit and hear the silence.

To me it is beautiful and I feel totally at peace when I’m there. I think that is the main reason I love it so much – the peace…


This is one of the very first photographs I ever took on the farm – I actually think it was taken the first time I was there.

Dead tree in the veld

Maybe as I show you more and more of our farm, you might get an idea of why I feel like I do. If you don’t get it, that’s also OK, because then you’ll at least have seen a small part of this side of the world! 🙂

Until next time, keep well!!!! 🙂