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The beautiful Koo Valley.


We love driving around the area where we live. There is so much to see and do, and it also keeps changing with the seasons – the colours, the smells, the wildlife.

The topic of today’s post is something very close to my heart and has the ability to really upset me, and that is putting it mildly. It can actually make me really livid. But let me explain…

This past Sunday we decided to take a drive. Just to get in the car and drive around and enjoy the scenery. And we did, up to a point.

We were driving through Montagu, a beautiful historical town close to us, and then on through the Koo Valley, an area where a LOT of fruit is produced, mainly stone fruit. It is a scenic drive, even now with the extreme heat of the past weeks and it being quite dry at the moment (it is a winter rainfall area, and it is, of course, summer now)

When we got to the top of the valley, we stopped to look back, admire the view and take a picture or two. (See the picture at the top of the post ↑) And then I looked down ↓ …


Although this is not the worst drop off of rubbish, it was enough to really spoil my day, because this is a huge problem in our country. People have no respect for their environment, and rubbish is thrown out of cars all the time. They have picnics in beautiful spots, and then get up and leave their rubbish right there, or put it in their cars to throw out somewhere next to the road. Some towns look like rubbish dumps, even when bins are provided!! No thoughts whatsoever that someone has to come and pick it up again – because the world just isn’t your own personal huge, big rubbish dump – and often it doesn’t happen, because these drops are very random and all over.

Why???? Why do people do that? It is soooo easy to keep your rubbish in your vehicle until you get to a bin. After all, it was in your car up to that point, wasn’t it? What goes on in the minds of these people? Probably not much, that is why they do it…

I am not going to go on and on about this (believe me, I can!), I think you get the idea. Where does one start to change this? I’m sure it is something (supposed to be) taught from childhood, by the parents, in their own homes. So how to change the status quo? Any ideas?