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Simple pleasures.

Daisy doing what makes her happy!

What makes you happy?

We often take our Daisy girl (a very clever border collie x) for a walk in the mountains. It makes her a very happy dog. Lately, these walks have turned into swimming sessions. Now, she is ecstatically happy when we go to the mountains! I envy her the ability to be so exuberant because of something so simple…

That made me think about what I need to feel something like that.

A walk in the mountains is generally something I enjoy doing, because of the stunning natural beauty, and to be out in the fresh air. But often I am reluctant to go, because of the ‘effort’ involved. We have to load her in the truck, drive the 10kms to the mountains, walk with her, load a wet puppy in the car, and drive home again.

I can, if I wanted to, find a reason not to do a lot of things. And a reason not to enjoy it. And I often do. Have we become too evolved? Too ‘fancy’ or clever to just jump into something like a puppy and enjoy it?

I think it has something to do with living in the moment. The moment you start analyzing and thinking about it, it takes some of the joy away.

Simple things can definitely bring joy, if we give it a chance. Like an ice cream on a hot day. Or a hot bath on a cold day. The smell of rain. The smell of garlic, or freshly baked bread. The feeling of the grass beneath your feet. The sound of rain on the roof. Coming home after an absence of a few hours, days or weeks. A few balls of new yarn. A hug.

So, I’ll ask you again – what makes you happy?

Let’s be more like puppies. Or toddlers. Feel the joy in small things…

Until next time, be happy! 😀