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Just do it?

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The cottage.

Have I ever mentioned that I’ve got a little guesthouse?

Yip, I do! 😀 And it is slightly misleading to say a ‘little’ guesthouse, because the cottage is actually quite large in square meterage, but it only sleeps two, so in my mind it is ‘little’. Very small. Too small.

Nearly four years ago, I bought an old house here in the Western Cape. It had always been a dream of mine to own and live in a house with a history that you can see and feel. The property is around 130 years old, and a part of the guesthouse used to be an old milk room – many years ago before the land was subdivided, the then owners kept cows on the land!

So, I’ve been thinking about this issue for some time now – probably at least a year – should I divide the place into two units? Make it a bit more profitable? But – you guessed it- Covid happened! Ugh… 😦

After we were allowed to open again after the first hard lockdown, I noticed that I had lots of opportunities to accommodate more than two people at a time, as I kept getting enquiries and calls after I’ve accepted a booking. The further the season advanced, the more certain I became of what I should do…

This morning I measured everything up, and planned exactly what I want to do, and hopefully I’ll get some quotations from a couple of builders this week, and depending on that, I am going to take that step. I am actually quite excited about it! Hopefully they won’t charge an arm and a leg, because then it will have to remain a dream, at least for now.

Whichever way it goes, I will start getting together the things that I will need to change it into 2 units – bathroom fittings, another TV, fridge and microwave, etc. And then a few months down the line, I’m sure I’ll be able to do the actual division.

I’ve always believed that you should go for the things you want, but at the same time I often felt that circumstances work against me. (Maybe that was just a perception, because I was scared of taking the next step?) Never stop dreaming, though, and planning, because you never know when the universe will smile on you and turn the dreams into reality.

Although I am slightly trepidatious, I am much more excited, and cannot wait to get started. I will be disappointed if I can’t do it right now, but then at least I’ll know exactly what is needed to make it happen. 🙂

Cheers to dreams, and turning them into reality!!! 😀

The grim truth.

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Livingstone daisies. I thought a huge, colourful pic might make the content of the blog more palatable!!! 😀

I’m sorry to be glum (and that on a Monday!), I know most people hate talking about or facing this, but this is the truth as I’m experiencing it now – my truth in other words.

Whether you are twenty, or eighty years old, whether you are a hale and hearty person in the twilight of your life, or a younger person with some kind of debilitating illness – we are all going to die, sooner or later.

Let me tell you in short how I came to feel the urge to write about this reality that everybody knows, but very few talk about. My mother is visiting me for a few weeks. This is the first time I’ve seen her since the beginning of March, the main reason being, our international pal, Covid. So, she’s been on her own in a retirement village 1500 km’s away from me – I couldn’t even ‘visit’ from the street, or through a window! And she turned 85 in October.

We’ve talked about the possibility of her moving closer to me in the past, because if, God forbid, she falls and hurts herself or she suddenly gets seriously ill, I cannot be there for her. She has been reluctant before, because she has friends ‘up there’, who she will miss, of course. But with everything happening, I thought that the subject should be brought up again. She now seems to be slightly more open to the idea, but my mum being who she is, keeps finding obstacles that she thinks would make the move difficult or impossible.

Now, here is the reality – when a person gets to a certain age, no matter how much you avoided the subject before, there comes a time that you have to face up to your own mortality. But, like my mom so eloquently stated earlier this morning, ‘life is unpredictable, you (that’s me) may die first, and then what?‘ Ouch. But true.

I would like to be at least my mom’s age when I die, and then I want to go peacefully in my sleep. But that is probably only a dream because in reality very few people’s lives end like that.

So, how does one face your own mortality without taking to the bottle (alcohol, pills, whatever)? How do you calmly accept and plan for this eventuality? In life we assume there is a pattern – you are born, you grow up, marry and have children, grow old watching your grand children grow up, you get older, you die. Your children doesn’t die, or your grand children! It’s grannies first, then their children grow old before they die, etc. But once again, we all know it does not happen like that. My SO’s* eldest child died eight years ago. My ex’s grandfather saw his wife and both his children die before he did.

It is a grim truth, a sad reality, but part of life, one we need to face, however unpleasant. And I don’t think I’m quite ready yet…

But, until next time, CARPE DIEM!!!!! 🙂

*SO – significant other

Introspection – Things I learnt about myself during lockdown…

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A part of ‘The Twelve Apostles’ (mountain range behind table Mountain) sticking through the clouds on our drive round Chapman’s Peak two weekends ago.

I’ve learnt a few things about myself during this lockdown period. (One would think I know myself by now, given my age… )

* I need to get a life.

My life hardly changed during this time, isn’t that sad? I always knew I was an introvert that doesn’t like people too much, but I never realized that I’m basically a hermit. I miss my children something fierce, but two of them live too far away to see regularly anyway. I have a few friends that I do feel it is time to see again, except I can’t, what with South Africa’s ridiculous rules around lockdown. I go grocery shopping when I need to, and other than that I am quite content to be home and do my own thing. Maybe I need to get another hobby, one I actually have to leave the house to do… (Oh, I do miss eating out now and then!)

*I am a lot more aggressive than I ever thought

Oops… I even consider closing my FB account, because I can get SO riled up by some of the things I read there! I really try and stay away from the news, because MAN, do I get angry!!! Especially with things happening in our country, that makes absolutely NO sense whatever! I do believe that one has to have an idea of what’s going on in the world, but maybe I should just float along in my own little bubble – best for me, and better for the world around me! (Could I maybe put this down to the frustration and uncertainty of Covid-19 and lockdown?)

*I am a lot lazier than I always thought…

Another oops… Not something I am proud of, I can promise you! I love a clean house, but I do not like doing all the cleaning, all the time. We are spoiled in SA, we have people that come in and clean our houses, should we want that (most people do), and I used to have someone come in once a week to clean, and iron. With lockdown, of course, some of that has changed, so we have to do everything ourselves. And sad to say, I really have to give myself a serious talking to, before I get off my backside to do some cleaning. (I would much rather sit and knit, crochet, or lately, blog.)

*I can get by with a lot less than I thought.

At last a positive!! I know now that we can live on a lot less money than I previously thought. That is mainly because I realized that we need a lot less food than we always have in the house. During this time, we tried to go out as little as possible, so we would try and stretch whatever we had in the house to last another day or two, make plans for meals with what we had around. Which brings me to the last point:

*I am a lot more resourceful than I ever gave myself credit for!

Yay, another positive! Because of the previous point, I managed to make a lot of tasty meals with very little.

I refuse to say that I am glad Covid-19 happened to come along in my lifetime, but it did make me sit back and take stock, it made me think about a few touchy subjects, and it taught me a few things, which is all in all probably not a bad thing.


Until next time, blogfriends! 🙂