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Cool weather, and fibre (the internet kind)on one day!!

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I am enjoying a wonderfully cool and cloudy day. 🙂

We had fibre installed today, after 4 years of intense frustration as far as internet goes. Our previous service provider was our erstwhile national telephone service, Telkom, but they’ve been going downhill over the last number of years, to the point where just about nobody uses their services anymore.

So, after the years of anger and frustration, I am sincerely hoping that we are at last going to be able to connect and stay connected without the continuous dips we have grown to expect. I do need to be able to have stable internet so I can talk to my children in Canada and Ireland, something which has been close to impossible the last few weeks. And since fibre has at last come to our town, it is time to upgrade!

About them feelings – I know that when you are in a situation that you can do nothing about, it does not help stressing about it. If you are not able to change anything, do not get upset or angry. That is, my head knows all of that. My heart is another matter. My heart is a rebel. My heart wants to get up and shout obscenities to the stupid people who are so inconsistent with their rules and regulations regarding Covid. They are messing with people’s lives. I would like for them to explain to the world how they figure out some of their crazy rules. And my anger and frustration will continue flaring up from time to time until this madness ends.

Mostly my head manages to control my heart, but I feel like a ticking time bomb most of the time. It has to stop soon…

On to the guesthouse. It is still not quite finished. Little things are stopping it from being operational, and somehow we (and by we I mean me) are just not getting around to it. The only big thing still to be done, is I have to buy a bed for the second unit. And I keep putting that off. I will just have to go out and get that dang bed, so I can start advertising and hopefully get some guests in.

A day of mixed feelings, but overall a good one – we’ve got fibre now!! And I’ve got a date, honey and nut loaf in the oven! Soon to be enjoyed with afternoon coffee. 🙂

I hope you are having a good day out there. Let me know!!!


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Atomic…. A modern nuclear bomb explosion in the desert.

I am battling with a few issues in my life at the moment.

Of course, this worldwide pandemic nonsense is not making any of these issues easier to digest, in fact, it has a direct negative impact on my ability to process it. I am not going to spell those ‘issues’ out for you, because that is not the important point here.

The point is, I am finding things difficult at the moment. I have to figure out how to cope with it, how to sort it out, without going completely bonkers.

Also, I am making it sound a whole lot worse than it is, which is not my intention. I do go about my day normally, but I am conscious all the time of something niggling at the back of my head, in my heart, my being.

I know for a fact that once the powers that be decide that the only way forward for the world is to carry on as normal, half of this weight will drop off of me.

I know a lot of people do not feel the same way, which is fine, but I also know a heck of a lot of people actually do. You feel your way, I feel my way – we are individual human beings, each with our own mindset, and that is maybe part of the big problem…

Here is the funny thing – the positive cases go up, the ‘leaders’ close things down – the numbers go down. Then they open up again, the numbers go up again. They close down again. And on and on. So, are they going to do this open/close game into infinity?

And while they are doing this, our lives are in limbo. Our businesses go under. Our family ties suffer. Our minds are going into places it has never been before. The rebel in us comes out.

I foresee trouble in the future, because there will come a day that the people on the ground decide enough is enough – we want our lives back. This cannot go on indefinitely. It has gone on too long as it is. And like I said, you are more than welcome to disagree with me.

Never the ‘new normal’.

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Soft sunrise.


We live in strange times, I’m sure you’ll agree. Or like the Chinese curse says – we live in interesting times.

I can’t say that I’m enjoying any of it, if I’m honest. I do the ‘now’ things like baking bread, trying new recipes, self care, etc., but I’m still not enjoying it.

Also, to be honest, not because my life has changed drastically, because it hasn’t. I’m an introvert who loves being home, doing my own thing, and I have very few friends. So basically, all that has changed, is the fact that I have to sanitize my hands to pieces when I go shopping, and I have to wear a mask, which I hate, but I do it willingly if it helps to keep me safer, as well as the people I come in contact with.

I hate this time mostly because it is so uncertain. We don’t know how long this is going to last, and when we’ll be able to meet freely with friends and family again, anywhere we wish to. And, I refuse to talk about the ‘new normal’. This situation will never be normal. It might be the current, temporary state of being, but never the ‘new normal’, because that implies that it is here to stay, and we have to get used to it.

In our country (South Africa), we have crazy rules and regulations. If I tell you, you might not believe me, but I promise you, it is true. Besides the normal things like you are not allowed to gather in large groups, no movies, no music shows, no church, only a few grades allowed to go back to school, we have curfew. Yes, curfew!!! We are not allowed in the streets between 9 pm and 4 am. Also, we cannot buy cigarettes, or alcohol – it is against the law now. If you are caught doing any of this, you get arrested, and you get a criminal record. I KID YOU NOT!!! I won’t go into the government’s idiotic reasons for this, you can google that if you really want to know. It is enough that this is the true state of affairs right now.

So we are living in this socialist, militarist situation for now (hopefully only for now) where we are treated like wayward children, which is another reason why this will never, ever be the ‘new normal’ for me. I refuse to accept that a few people can decide for me how I have to live my life, and hopefully there are enough people in this country who feel the same way, and we can stand together soon to rise up – peacefully- against this tyranny.

Enjoy your weekend, fellow bloggers. 🙂