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End of the week.

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Pic taken on our walk yesterday afternoon.

My timing sucks.

I have been slack in writing the last while, and now I choose to write on a Friday afternoon, when everybody is busy making plans for the evening and the weekend! Typical.

We had a busy-ish week, faffing around with a lot of small stuff, mostly to with the guesthouse still. It has also been a very stressful week business-wise, especially for my SO. So it is a relief that the weekend is here.

We have no plans for the weekend. Yet. Normally we decide to do ‘something’ at the last moment. Like, maybe, 10 o’clock tomorrow morning, my SO will say: “So where are we going today?” And then we’ll go somewhere and do something. For tonight, though, we most definitely do not have any plans.

So after walking Daisy, I am going to take a shower, and then I’m going to get into my PJ’s, pour myself a glass of wine, and chill.

Have a super weekend, and if it can’t be super, be safe, at least. ✌️

Mullet (not the hairstyle!)

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Food…yes please!

Once again, I am hungry!

I had a late morning grilled cheese, tomato and onion sandwich. A straight forward, no nonsense sandwich that I grilled in a pan. It was delicious, because by that time (somewhere between 10 and 11 am), I had quite an appetite.

Now it is late afternoon, and because I didn’t have lunch, I am hungry. Again. 😀

So I’m thinking – we’ve got a whole left over grilled mullet in the fridge from two nights ago, so I’ll zjoosh it up a bit for dinner tonight.

Potato and spinach with butter, salt and pepper, and I’ll fry the mullet to heat it up, after I’ve rolled it in some flavoured flour. Let’s see how that goes…

It was YUMMY!!!!!

I’m not good at taking pictures of food, but I can tell you that it tasted a whole lot better than what it looks like in the picture! It was yummy! I divided the fish up into pieces, and rolled each one first in egg, and then in flour that was seasoned with turmeric, a smidgen of chili powder, paprika and salt. It came out way better than I expected.

Happy tummy, happy me. 😀

Tomorrow we are going to do some more work on the guesthouse while there are no builders around, but for now it is time to relax.

Have a lovely evening!

The Power of Silence.

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I enjoy silence.

My SO* and I are polar opposites when it comes to silence. He cannot stand a quiet house. When he gets up in the morning, the first thing he does is switch on the radio or the TV. He often has two ‘sounds’ going at the same time – the TV and the radio, or the radio and his cell phone (listening to something on social media). That, of course, drives my crazy!

One sound at a time, is more than enough. Listen to the radio, or switch it off and put the TV on. And sometimes even leave everything off. A day or two ago, I was driving in my car, and I thought that I’ll listen to the radio. As I switched it on, I realized that it was the first time in nearly a week that I switched a radio on! I had the TV on often in the evenings, but not a radio.

I used to think I’m a huge music lover. Lately I’ve realized that I am not. Whaaaaat? That is not totally true, but to my mind a music lover is someone who listens to music constantly. I used to know the bands and most of their members, their music, etc. Now I find it too much of an effort to get to some music to listen to. You have to go to Spotify or Apple tunes on your phone, (or what ever you’re using,) compile a play list, or several playlists, and then, according to your mood, listen to some music.

When should I listen to music? When I’m driving? I try that often, but there is too much talking in between! And I drive and old car – no USB or bluetooth. (I know…) While I’m walking the dog? No can do – then I can’t hear vehicles approaching, or other people, and I like to be aware of what and who is around me. While I’m trying to write a blog? I can do that, but I know that once I’m concentrating on writing, the music will not mean anything to me – I won’t even hear it, so why even bother?

Once in a while, I’ll think of a song, and then I’ll look for it on YouTube and enjoy it, maybe even play it a few times. Or I’ll listen to one song, and that will trigger some memories and I’ll end up listening to ten songs, but that happens rarely.

Silence forces you to be okay with yourself. It is introspective. It is so stress free, as opposed to trying to sort out radio’s and TV’s all going at the same time! Listening to the radio all the time, also forces you to be constantly processing what you hear, and then having to make decisions about that knowledge. I’m not saying become a vegetable – of course you should at least be aware of what is going on in the world, but NOT ALL THE TIME! You are allowed to switch off from the bombardment of information.

Silence is in fact full of sounds – when you have everything off, you can hear the wind in the trees (which I am actually listening to right now), you can hear the rain on the roof, or the birds outside your window. Silence can be healing – if you allow yourself to listen to natural sounds all around you, and you breathe deeply, and consciously relax your shoulders, just let your mind drift away… You will feel better afterwards, I promise you.

Practice being in silence, for only a short while at first, if it scares you or freaks you out. You will start relaxing and enjoying it. ‘Struth!


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It is Friday again, the third one of the new year already!

Before I pour myself a glass of wine and give myself over to the weekend completely, I think I need to be positively thankful for a few things. What do I mean by that? It means being thankful WITHOUT adding a BUT at the end. I always have BUTS to add, and then I end up dwelling only on the negatives. Most of life have BUTS, that is the way life works, ‘but’ I do think that if we can stop ourselves just before we add the BUT, maybe we will have a more positive experience of life? If we say we are thankful about something, surely it cancels out the thankfulness as soon as we add the BUT? (I am thankful for my new car, but I wish it was bigger.)

I am thankful for an unexpected one night booking for the guesthouse on Wednesday.

I am thankful for having chatted to all three my children this week, and that they are all doing well.

I am thankful that my little granddaughter is much better after having been sick for most of the month so far.

I am thankful that we are all still healthy amidst a worldwide pandemic.

I am thankful for living in a lovely town, surrounded by stunning natural beauty, where it is a joy to take my Daisy-dog for a walk.

Now, with a thankful heart, I am going to relax with a glass of wine, and wish all of you a wonderful weekend. 🙂