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Oh, so hungry!

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I am constantly hungry these days.


It irritates me no end. And I cannot figure out why. I am having the hardest time to not nibble the whole freakin’ day! I love good food and I love eating, as I’ve told you before, but I’ve never been a person to eat all the time.

But when I’m hungry, I have to eat – ask my SO and people who know me well. I get soooooo irritated when I’m ravenous and I don’t get fed. I scowl, I snarl, I bite. I get intensely HANGRY. Feed me when I’m hungry, but definitely before I’m ravenous, and I’m all smiles. Mostly. Unless I’m irritated by something else.

This constant hunger is something else, though…

Maybe it’s psychological, not physical… 😉 😀

So, I am excited for Monday, because then we are starting the changes on the guesthouse! There are a few things we still have to figure out, but that’s the least of my worries – things will get done, and the builder reckons it will happen in 5 days’ time – I will be happy if it does, but I’m not holding my breath! I will keep you up to speed, with news and photographs.

Remember the last time I talked about this reno, one of the issues was colour schemes? And I said that normally I see an item I fall in love with, and that determines the colour scheme of a room? Well, I found the item(s) that decided it for me! In the one room, that is. I wonder if I should give you a sneak peek? Maybe just a peek…

Yes, it was the mugs that did it for me! What do you think?

The Cat. Oh, The Cat.

He still doesn’t eat. I’m not sure how he is still alive. He really eats a few dry pellets a day, and like I said the previous time, he licks the wet food. How do I get him to eat? And he started peeing in the house, even with the back door and numerous windows open!!!! That’s not cool. I absolutely hate a house that reeks of cat pee. Can. Not. Happen. What to do, though?? Aaaaargggghhhh….

On a more positive note – my SO is driving down tomorrow to be here for a couple of weeks!! I am delighted, and counting the hours. 🙂

Hope you have a lovely day! 🙂

Planning ahead, not my strong point…

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We had our first good, soaking seasonal rain!

That makes me very happy. It rained quite hard during the night, which didn’t bode well for sound sleep. Normally, I sleep like a baby when it rains, but I have guests in the guesthouse and the last time it rained (the previous season), the roof in the lounge sprung a leak. Ugh. So we ‘fixed’ it, but couldn’t know for sure if it was fixed until we had some violent wind and rain again. Which we did last night. Hence the sleeplessness…

But, YAY!, the guests were happy this morning, they had better sleep than I did because there was no leak.

I am trying to fine tune my planning for the reno of the guesthouse, and I am battling a bit. I found some wallpaper that I quite like in my friend’s stash, but I’m not exactly sure yet if I want to use it, and if I do, which one to use. I can’t decide on the colour schemes in the new bedrooms. There’s a bit of a problem with the positioning of the basin in the new bathroom and I’m not sure if I should try and solve it now, or while we are actually there, doing the work. I know myself, I’m over here all ‘planning ahead’, but when push comes to shove, everything will probably happen at the same time and only when we are in the thick of things!

So, why bother now? Mmmm…I heard you mumbling under your breath over there! I’m trying to be pro-active here people, give me a break! But it is just easier for me to make these decisions as things happen. I ‘see’ what I want to do then, and usually the colour scheme sorts itself out when I find one item I really love, like a scatter cushion, or a lamp or a rug or something. I can’t stop myself from trying to plan now either, because I am anxious to get things going. Oi…

In the meantime, I will be enjoying the wet earth, the cloudy weather, and I’ll keep on looking all over for inspiration to strike me! 😀

Mulling it over.

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Sunrise on the open road…

I went to bed last night, knowing exactly what I was going to write today.

I was busily composing my post in my head as I lay in bed, upset about a couple of things that happened during the day.

Of course, when morning came, I thought the better of it, and decided to tackle things a bit differently. I wonder sometimes if it is a good thing to think about things that you feel you need to get out there, instead of just saying it. I suppose the difference is that if you thought about it, you approach it in a different way, maybe a bit more tactful and thoughtful, whereas if you just let rip immediately, you might say things you regret later. So I have probably answered my own question…

My problem is, I often let things go if I don’t address it immediately. But I don’t LET GO let go, so it is scratching away on the inside, until it surfaces again. Oi…

Today I decided to tackle a little project that has been brewing at the back of my mind for a while now. I’ve got a little round pine table that is being used on the guesthouse patio. It has been looking sadder and sadder by the week, so this morning I grabbed the sander and started sanding it down, so I can paint it to fit in with my guesthouse theme. What is my theme? Well, if I tell you that I’m thinking of changing the name to “Cow Cottage”, I think it will give you a hint… 😉

But now I have to decide whether I want to go all colourful and cute, or more fancy and monochrome. Decisions, decisions…

I will do one whole post on the table, as soon as it is finished. And this can’t take months to do, as I do have guests coming in this weekend, so it has to happen chop-chop (that is soon, or quickly, or right away in South African!) 😀

A picture I painted a few years ago for the kitchen of the guesthouse.