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Sun Seekers

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This sun seeker always knows if and when the sun is shining on ‘his’ spot by the backdoor.


As a teenager and young adult, I used to love tanning.

I have always hated heat, mind you, but I could suffer the heat for an hour or two, if it could result in a tanned body. Stupid child…

It often resulted in burning myself to a spectacular cooked-crayfish colour, and some pain to go with it, as I am quite fair. If I took it slowly (who has patience when you are 16 years old?) and tanned over a week or more, I did manage turn a lovely (sexy! 😉 ) nut brown.

Now, of course, I can pull all my hair out because I was so silly. I sit with the results clearly visible on my skin, and wish I can undo all the hours in the sun.

I do know that sunlight is good for a person, though, so even though I do love my dark, rainy days, I do try and spend some time outside in the sun when it is visible – suitably attired, of course. It lifts the spirit, and makes one healthier, or at least feel healthier!

Also in life, I am always trying my best ‘to find the sun’. Some days it is easier to do, other days not so much, but I do think that looking for the rays of light all the time, is important. That way, you don’t miss it when it happens! Because I am by nature a bit of a loner, it could be very easy to fall into the darkness, and get comfortable there. Fortunately, I have a few rays of sunshine in my life, that always manage to get me to smile and appreciate life when I find it a bit difficult – my children, their spouses, my precious granddaughter, and my SO.

This coming weekend is my birthday, and my SO* is away on business (darkness), BUT – I am not going to be alone, because 3 of my 5 (also counting the spouses) children, will be with me to celebrate – lots and lots of sunlight, right there! 😀

So, even when the weather is gloomy and dull, and you start feeling a bit depro, look for the light, the rays of sunshine, which is always there, somewhere.

Until next time, blog friends, hope you find the sun! 🙂

*SO – significant other.