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I find some things quite inexplicable.

For instance: I’m supposed to have 110 followers on WP (pathetically few, I know!). I write something, and 4/5 people read my blog. ??? I know that I am supposed to blog everyday and comment at least 200 times on other posts to get a huge following, but still…out of 110 supposed-to-be followers, only 4 read what I write? How does that work?

Another example: I’m busy most days, so I look forward to really relaxing in the evening after an early dinner. I start off sitting on the couch, watching TV, and I slowly slither down until I’m comfortable – completely flat on my back! I have never liked falling asleep in front of the telly, and I still don’t, so I try and go to bed when I feel my eyes refusing to stay open any longer. I get up off the couch, and drag my half-asleep body to bed. And then, when I get into bed, I’m WIDE AWAKE! Why, oh, why!!!!??

Also: I like eating regularly. At least breakfast, lunch and dinner, but my ideal is to eat a little something quite early in the morning, something mid-morning, a taste of something for lunch, and so on. But lately I don’t get around to eating this regularly. 😦 It is difficult for me. I then develop a hunger that cannot be described. I also get grumpier and grumpier, the longer I go without food. And then, at last, I get home and I can eat… I unpack the fridge and nibble on something while I make myself brunch – what will it be? Toast with cheese and prosciutto? Boiled eggs with toast and cheese? A full English breakfast? After being hungry for so long, I sit down with my food and tuck in. Yum! And after one slice of toast and cheese, I’m full. No. NOOOOOOOOO!!! Why?

And I’ll end with this one: after one of my very busy days, working with the cattle, I’m bone-tired, and super-filthy. On the way home I envisage myself slipping into a warm bath filled with bubbles, where I will soak for an hour, to get rid of the aching bones. Everything happens the way I imagined it, up to the point where I should lay back and relax for an hour. The minute I’ve scrubbed all the dust and cow poop off my body, I have to get out of the bath. I’ve tried and tried to lie back and relax consciously, and it works for a minute or four, and then…that’s it! Out I get! WHY???!!!!!

A bit filthy after getting stuck in the mud... :)

A bit filthy after getting stuck in the mud… 🙂