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Stinky Sunday.

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I took Roomys out for some sun today.

My poor cat came home from the vet today.

He is not a happy camper, and neither am I. He hurts, and he cries. He battles to walk, and when he does, it is all wonky – his back half looks like it’s got a life all of its own. I love him to bits, but I’m not sure at this point if it won’t be more humane to put him down. (Which I probably won’t be able to do anyway…)

He was most probably hit by a car on Thursday morning (see previous 2 posts), and although it is not clear from the X-rays, there is a very good chance that he has a broken pelvis. The vet reckons as long as the pelvis doesn’t go out of shape, and I can keep him as quiet as possible (how does one do that with a cat?), there is a good chance that he might heal.

What bothers me is that in the meantime, he cannot be a cat, he can hardly move because he hurts, and nobody knows how long it will take for him to heal, if he heals.

I hate seeing him like this… 😦

Is there anybody out there who went through something similar with a pet? Did the fracture eventually heal, and how long did it take? I would love to think that he’ll soon be his old self, but I wonder, even if he heals, if he’ll ever be the same. Probably not.

Oi, it breaks my heart, poor fellow.

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  1. Oi, poor roomys!!!! Praying for a good ending here!! 💟

  2. I hope he heals quickly

  3. I had a cat that broke a bone that couldn’t be splinted. He lived In a dog crate for several weeks while it healed. He wasn’t all that interested in jumping or walking, so it worked out. He slept a lot and healed. I took him out for pets and snuggles. A few weeks later, he was fine. Give your kitty a quiet, supportive environment with no ability to move so much he displaces his broken bones. He can get through this! I once rescued a kitten that had been hit by a car and broke her pelvis. She healed up just fine. Give your boy a hug from me!

    • Thank you so much for responding! It gives me a lot more hope . 🙂 I did put him in a tiny room with food and water so he doesn’t have to move a lot. Hopefully he heals soon. 🌸

  4. We had to put our cat Tiddles down just over a year ago. We asked the vet to be the voice of reason. When it looked like he had a massive lump in chest and was breathing a bit hard we asked the vet and said what do you think we should do. He said he would be better to put him down. That it would only get worse for him. That he would end up basically not being able to breath at all. So we did as the vet said. We never wanted to be one of those pet owners who put their own feelings ahead of what was best for the cat. So we made his last day beautiful and he died surrounded by all of us and with a lot of love. OMG the tears are still coming when i think about it. So my advice would be to ask the vet what they think you should do. Good luck, never an easy decision.

    • Thank you Leanne. So sorry about Tiddles, it is always a hard thimg to do. I’m taking Roomys for a check up later this week, we’ ll see what she says then.

  5. Hi Zel, I can imagine how hard this is: a few years ago my little female cat was attacked by a dog (the vet’s diagnosis) and she had to have surgery to her jaw and her back leg. He allowed her home after a few days, and it was a bit touch and go for a while. It was a long slow road, but she slowly regained strength and seemed quite determined to get herself back on track. I spent a lot of quiet time with her, and even my normally boisterous male cat seemed to step back to give her space. I can’t remember all the details or the healing timeline, as this was around 10 years ago now, but I can say that she did eventually recover. Give him time, and lots of love, which I’m quite sure you are already doing 😉


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